Set stone

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Nothin set in stone but graveyard bones
I pray im not alone by that day
No control with faith
In my zone like auto or touchdown
Cant be locked down
Gotta free my mind through lines thrown around
Similar to coke or dope in the sinus
Clean flows like soap yet death defyin
Yes i am
A little lucky as the ex man
That stood with many drugs as sellin was the plan
But didnt work well less clientele
Than expected injected in veins was their blessin
Check it
No more that war on the raps
Sword as the mic go to war with that
And as such ive had been passed blunts
That had thoughts on paper with a bit of guts
No love just confused substitute
Drug abuse wounds deep as potholes in pools
Gettin schooled by me
Ya could as a written no detention
Pay attention like it was for the credit
Respect it
Intelligent i keepem guessin
Whats what
And such
Tryin to blow up like amir in a sand hut
But this damn stuff got no equipment
So i just spit it like camels with a cig lit

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