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Im articulate with writtens my art of spittin
Is part of my mission
Stop and listen to my sentences
Horrendous shit
I wanna surrender quick
As a kid mother did crack hits and heroin
I also meddled in it
Caught an addiction drinkin and sippin
Never thinkin never listened
I just did shit
For no reason drugs white like snow season
Im the heathen thank god im not breedin
But i need sex fuck a latex
Abort the kid
Support the stupid shit i was comfortable with
Numb with wits
Smarter than acted a unlucky bastard
With a passion to keep goin backwards
Twistin backwoods
In the back with some good
Bud lookin like moss not randy taste of candy
Wasted life damaging things
But ran with it
Cant stand the shit so i sit
Patiently waitin for life to get better
But no action cant get it together
Im quite clever white skin talkin ember
Precise with dreams but stagnant forever
It seems at least
My dreams of actually bein a beast

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