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You want to battle me? I'm honored g but level with me, you're possibly
an oddity, if you think you can get out a word before me, no i said
death is corny, i deal in raps and stories, monsters live in my mind
adoring, I write lines that can cause Cthulhu to scream "you have a screw loose
A tragic figure, name of Mina, spent the winter in the grinder, Dracula
beaten to death by Satanica, 5'4 broad dressed like reaper bruh
death to the shadows, ear to the grindstone
Fed to the masters, tears are a mile long
Black and white led a savage ride to the house of mine
they were all savaged beaten to death in the middle of July.
House Lannister, but my oral reports surprise
a Stark contrast to your sick combat attempt to talk back, get a bitch copped
at and get a quick, dope slap, fish? no cash, better then a burrito is your
mind in a frito, call me greedo the gringo i'm ringo the rosie but death
for all of you fuckers who slept on me will be swept off of the floor to
be fed to the best, mind in the trench, eyes to the west, This the promise
of a murderous Wretch so watch what you fetch or you'll be dead in a sec
cause Hell has come to deliver the rent, 666 reasons to run for the west
better than sex is your death to my head, ever the lead will be dropped on the dead
Allah say cala de momma is dead, this fucking rap just makes no sense
Why battle, i eat critics, i'm my own worst enemy, try the saddle, it's static
i'm the death of celebrities, better be evergreen or i'm coming with axe
running slacks and hybrid mask ready to chop the plants
you're about to be slashed, Half off at the chopping mall
Chopping raw, blood in my jaws, you just got eaten
That's all, evisceration came at dawn
And fucker like you left the lights on
Eight legs went in, two came out then
i'm the spider of the winter, fangs are sprouted
webs abounding, savage crowning
16 lines? I murdered you in a thousand

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