REGiCiDE prod. Falak

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//Verse 1
First you get the crown, then you figure out
Aint nobody give a shit
They would rather follow kings to the ground
Than show their respect to a prince
I guess that's what you get for being from royalty
Tear me to shreds when I speak with authority
All of my breathren out here tryna poison me
Where is their eloquence? Where is their loyalty?
We been pretending that God is the way
For the sake of our riches, our sons and our reign
But im one and the same with the infinite
Isnt it great to be raised in a system of hate for the system
the symptom of faith over wisdom
is pain in the face of what we can explain
I wish for a nation who takes what theyre given
And doesn't fall prey to the game but
I'm a little late
Guess I got a lot up on my plate
tryna teach em all how to behave
Part of me is sayin'
Leave em at the bottom of the lake
if they wanna they can wander down to hades
But I'ma be a great king
Show em our mistakes and disgrace these
You'll never be depraved of the tasty
You'll never be slaves and you'll never be made to embrace me
I'm here for your sake and your safety
I know that you hate me thats fine, see Im wasting your time
with the whos and the whats and the why mes
You dont wanna try being right you're alive
but the whites of your eyes gleam
bright in your pipe dream
You dont wanna fight these wars for the right things
You just wanna sleep at night with your guilt
Even when theyre wrong you decide
that the songs of desciples
are worth every cross that they built
//Verse 2
First you get the crown
Then you figure out
Every king has gotta die
They would rather send a king to the ground
Than admit that their life is a lie
What was rightfully mine
was then given to God mixed
my blood with the wine
As a symbol of progress
What a divine little wonderful project
stickin a knife in the gut of the conflict
I never wanted this
Y'all disagree
But it's me in the coffin
and y'all in the streets
So do what you want
I'm not part of this scene
No love for the father
No God in my dreams
I was often percieved as a heretic
Tearing at what they believe
Cause theyre scared of my reasoning
I been defeatin these freaks being careless
Aware that their teachings all lead to these evil things
Come get a piece of me now im no threat
A slice of my heart
a chunk of my leg
Its nice to be lost
Youre all in your heads
It sucks to be wrong
But the right end up dead
yes I know when its finished youve won i conceed
Theres no fighting your system of blood, cum and greed
but I wonder if we need these covenant dreams
as i slumber the sleep every dumb fucker needs
see im hardly extreme
im an artist who grieves at the toxic
achievments they carry with pride
like when all of them cleaved me to pieces
For feeding the speechless the truth
i was buried alive
now im scared for my kind
though i lie in the ground
i know only tyrants
rely on the crown
but when im not around
and the next wants to try
i pray he knows death
is the end of the line

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