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Sense offers broke ish talkers a wealth of knowledge, like HOMAGE, Oh you gonna pay today
Shotgun formation, I cant guarantee your safety, Rappads Tom BRADY, Too Double clutch, You beating me, Is like a bitch with no feet trying to double dutch
I've put more kids in a box then the Brady Bunch,They didn't all STOP BREATHING at once, I police threads for threadbare then go for the neck like a devil snare
Harbour a grudge, Like the plug you ran off on, ON YOUR LEFT like Falcon and the Snowman, Winter Soldier, Bi-Polar, Buck a Cap through your Parka pull over
Im on the Brink of letting this metal sing, like Eimeria, Coccidiosis when I shit on Issh, thats the only way you'll see the GOATS BLOOD drip
WILD N OUT of control like Hoobastank, Your girls Cotters Brown you spit oyster bars cause her pussy stinks, FACTS she got a smelly cat, Stinks so bad Friends wright jingles about her snatch
You Small Pacs are a VIRUS, I should be snatching the crown off King Osirus like I planed it, But Im stuck in a battle with the QUEENS GAMBIT
Too Sarlac of the sand pit, Omnivorous, Never nervous, Like 90% get when the battles sent blind, The other 10% is just stupid, and your on the fence, walking a thin line
PICTURE ME TOLLING no I picture you blowing Dr Nova on the soffa, Ish holds more sacs then both Bosa Brothers
Suck tell your brains numb NOVACAIN... No Nova came!!, And changed your name from ish Talker to ish Topper, You bang more males (mail) then the Unibomber
Fucking maggot your bars aint fly, I PROPS up the bars to be Frank, Hit you with Shameless plugs an the kitchen sank,
Ish about that Bristole Life, FACTS, I peeped your case study jack, you got crazy props for penning that, Rappad feel free to give back
Now heres THE QUESTION, Since Sense gave all your songs a mention, Which ones your best seller? I aint Talking Ish but your the first person I ever heard go off beat spiting an accapella
I got a couple of doubles but my quadruple witching, entendres in the cauldron, you aint got a pot to pop a squat to take a piss in
16 Lines from the mind of an O.G., You caught the Fade Dog, Your no Alpha Zach, You live that suite life,Show you True love,you aint going back tonight
Napping on me get cha cheery popped and berried, Ballen-Bacher this fucker an wait for him to break thin tie um to some timber an throw in the lake

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