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Illmatic the best album of all time
One love Nas for them amazing rhymes
When I listened to it I felt like I was in Queensbridge
Listened to it while going through the Colborne Street Bridge
You brought from my projects to yours
Nasir Jones opener of project doors
The intro "The Genesis"
Welcome me to QB premises
New York State Of Mind imma make the Brantford version
RIP Ill Will after that shooting I bet you were hurting
After I lived for a bit I knew Life was a bitch
Fuck this shit fuck that dumbass snitch
The World is mine but the world is yours
We inside now where COVID cures
I remember watching the Bisons I loved Halftime
Watching the game writing that rhyme
Boomtown Houses memory lane
RIP Tyree I felt that pain
Darling and Twelfth give a One Love
RIP my homies that up and above
Imma say this One time 4 your mind
Watch your back you don't know who can shoot from behind
Darling and Twelfth Boomtown we represent represent
If you tryna battle me I will defend
Im from East Brant it ain't hard to tell
Forty Cal: The Demon From Darling And Twelfth

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