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when I tear at my skin
I feel like the razor
with no one In my arms, I feel a lot safer
no one can take advantage of my mind when I'm not a gamer
I mean that there is no player
can't be hurt with the technicalities of nature
my soul can be gripped and pulled outside my chest
and that's when the suicidal thoughts multiply times ten
when my heart looks greater ripped to shreds
I'm sorry, I'm trying to get these thoughts outta my head
I was thinking abt it as soon as you left
cuz he was the only one who understood how much I wept
and I still struggle to accept
that fact that u never here leaves me truly stressed
I need the thoughts to quiet I need to comprehend
why did he leave
was it cuz of my therapy
or maybe there's more skin in places where there fuckin shouldn't be
or maybe it was the fact that u didn't understand
why I didn't wanna be ur girl when I was just truly fuckin scared
my last man left and he didn't give a damn
thought my feelings were a scam Im sorry If I ever made you feel less than..

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