Here We Go A-GON

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I’m here to leave A-GON in A-GONY, light up ya whole connect like a battery
The rigor mortis left em chill af, watch how casually I’m stackin these casualties
Takin this light but I’m fire off the top, got me thinkin Hanukkah
Now how you been on twitter over a decade and still got 0 followers?
Gettin ya verse looked at cause of that loss to me is ya only real accomplishment
Ya bio says “losers never work hard” well I guess this tryhard keeps his promises
I gave this kid a shot and the scene ended up lookin like Columbine before I even dropped the mic
The last guy you battled’s name was literally “Asian,” in the FIRST BAR ya dumbass called em white
Another battle you broke the one rule “record ya verse” almost had me pressin the block like Tetris
You really should just record everything, cause writtens require basic readin comprehension
On or off site, it’s always on sight, you ain’t wanna test it but you been taught ya lesson
Class in session, if we get it poppin I put ya to rest anywhere call me narcoleptic
I yolk em while doin the chicken dance, that’s the only time you movin with the hands
You irrelevant, even if we saw GON with the win, frankly I don’t give a damn
You named ya self after a Russian ballet, much of the rap game would call it somethin that’s gay
But how could I be homophobic? This fist swings both ways, I just hope halfway through this man ain’t take a dance break
Outbar em with the pen don’t even talk to me again unless you wanna see the end
Get paper for spittin like class clowns, make candy rappers pass out like smarties on a test
You be playin pin the dick on ya mother at parties with ya friends
And with the shit I pen to GON you’ll need the department of defense
Don’t act all cocky when you talkin and then think we ain’t enemies
Turn A-GON to Akon, get lit the fuck up if I ain’t see the same energy
Our last battle you ain’t get a single vote, this just ya cremation now but you ain’t with the smoke
The situation is grave, can ya dig it? Now you solidified in the underground but still ain’t dope
Never considered a great you sought out to create a persona that was fake
Ya idol Pac would prolly be ashamed of this dishonor to his name
Don’t even pretend to be some conscious rapper, you got a faint chance of droppin bodies
But press my buttons and I’m a whole different animal like a Tamagotchi
It’s common knowledge I’m on the top, see my flow hotter than Eminem’s pot of coffee
You can keep the piece and still get boxed this Mahatma Ghandi vs Muhammad Ali
At my peak I’m colder than the Colorado Rockies, don’t mean the sports team but I’m always ballin
Show love to the scene as I roll up for the green y’all know I’m seasoned with it, no hot wasabi
Ya mother’s pussy got a nickname in prison: Hotsy Totsy
I bet this square outta shape and GON’s real name is prolly Poly
My spittin been Slick and Fresh like Ladi Dadi, press me and I get to snappin like a paparazzi
You ain’t quite my carbon copy, don’t get it twisted, my hands connect in the ring like I bought an Audi
I bet ya favorite song is Poppy - Moshi Moshi, couldn’t be dope with bars if you popped a molly
Mean business when you get this work like I ain’t get along with all my colleagues
Thought you’d stop me? I’m so gangsta I sample everything and buy nothin while I go Costco shoppin
You so unoriginal, got me thinkin whose line is it anyway? Leave em in stitches like Colin Mochrie
I call flattery what you be callin mockery, I actually admire ya fightin spirit
Almost as much as I like how I still ain’t even gotta try when writin lyrics
Bring ya mother pleasure, as she widens feels like I’m deep divin for sunken treasure
Tell A-GON I ain’t the one to egg on, you just might get yolked for tryna ruffle feathers
I’m straight up deranged so watch ya tone or I’m pullin out the switch like a key change
Wrote a written called sexy mood and the same day you wrote another called the D train
Now I would say that’s suspect but I’m bout to a suspect for these murder charges
Leave em dead in the ring, plus ya armpits are a dead ringer for the La Brea tar pits
Got a seasoned vet in ya grill now homie you bout to get cooked with the sauce
All I needed was the right angles, now A-GON just got put in a box

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