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Tryin to torture em to tell, i'm gettin mailbut ain't nobody sayin much, the same old nuts
Suffering from multiple doses of psychosis mama said i need a diagnosis
Im undifferentiated, but still im always hated. cuttin to soon become faded,
Bet i get it quick lick make it backflip outta town with some how you gonna act shit
I wake up at the slightest peep, and my sheets are 3 feet deepi guess it's hard for you to see
Irresponsibility-had an opportunity to make my dreams a reality
America's mirror, making it in pelican's tare, reaping the shallow, leaving the
Splash tha niggaswill i dash your niggasonce i mash these figguzi’ll be badder nigga
Martin luther i must’ve seenmixtape, mix ya body with tapethat’s what that green’ll bring
Tail grabbing, bitch yapping, pigs crashing, react without reaction, which motherfucker's strapping
Jesus! this god-forsaken, generation! they can't even have a normal conversation!
You swear the bitch was plantedmy lyrics motivate the planetit's similar to rhythm nation
But regrettable lines and all those failures were making my consciousnesses forgettable
Hustlin in our hoods , slanging nothing but the goods / street to street you will
Level three to nine try and define,
Fight for what broad, these hoes ain't mine
In one two three a mother fucker that’s all he is gonna be
Are you shallow cause if not i'll take it deeper baby
One two three four five six seven eight nine
And now these hoes are on my line
Or two. or maybe three?
Bait baby, wait baby
Fuck you bunch is here, never disrespect my family
You spit that end rhyme trash i'm spittin syllables two or three
It's double mg but i'm 'bout that cash money like baby
So i toke on that pipe and don't stop till i'm three
So i threw it in a rap so i'd remember that
It's only one round, two or three i don't need it
One two three, what could it be
Plottin' don’t even worry

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