Crazy Story 1

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I wake up its March the fifth 2018
I knew this shordie she said BT slide clean
she walk up to my crew said "I have a motive"
My homie Left he said "Yo who have you chosen"
She said "A kid from greystone"
He said "I'll catch him when he alone"
So we wait until about nine
We roll out we bout halfway there till it's time
We get there we are prepared
He comes outside we realize we squared
So we come out and we confront
ABout him talking shit how he wanna front
He starts to fold then start acting bold
I say "Yo you ain't wanna get your ass beat don't act cold"
He tried to swing but he miss it's 10PM at night
After he miss he tryna switch and pull out a knife
So I pull out mine he tried to stab
My homie see this he starts to get the strap
I didn't wanna have to do this but I stab him in the thigh
I hear sirens I start to run I start to think did he die?
I make it to Chatham and Twelfth Im 5 minutes from BT
I start running again wondering did he see me?
I make it to the projects I go to the sign
I wait there a crackhead offer me a dime
I say "Nah" my homies showed up 2 minutes later
He said "Yo he was on the ground for a bit so kinda major"
I'm like "Cool where he at now?"
He like "Might be inside layin down"

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