Expose the fakes

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Damn you think you’re all that doesn’t that mean an eradication that’s all in your imagination
You need to application to the psych ward this bitch is insane do you think you cute bitch you ugly you cannot get a menu was wondering suffering
Bitch you need to learn everything does not go your way that everything turns into the worlds putting down bigger valuation just cause you shit get triggered did you figure a bitch I whispered doesn’t matter for Certainly behind the currency currently behind the curtain see murder you
We bought a slut to me guns cuts guts all over I’ll fuckin kill u
You ain’t want no beef that’s why you say you can’t achieve shit in life
Did you probably think you are that many masturbation tu u [cap bitch fuck u]
U want a male Transformation u have a trans-parent transparent I wonder why are you repairing to have an affair ends
U want an Admiration you’re so badly want to Rap see did you want to be fucking Rhapsody
Aspiration lookin like u had a gender transformation Transportation a sick excuse to bruise an Aberration stay fumin fake human Ur family hates u Adoration Laceration Trying to be all that is such an Inspiration Bitch just another renovation animation Cinemation another fake summation commended controllable
fake when they claim that the cash making one day will work at the fucking gas station
Bitch just another renovation fake when they claim that the cash making one day will work at the fucking gas stationWow wrong with the Generation
You want some fucking Information you have no intimidation you only have imitation only replication you have no dedication fabricated you are fucking fake hope you fucking burn in hell for the shit you said
Isn’t it a Paradox near Pair of docs over you because your brain split open from your abusive parents isn’t there marriage tearing you apart inside
Conversation A misfortunate failed abortion it Operation
U wanted Collaboration this Exaggeration Make your bitch ass girl go missing like Evaporation
I’m in ur HEAD Imagination
Do you want to put this shit in the deep state abbreviations barely brief sketch or in disbelief I think it’s pretty funny your parents split up or they divorce documents all the arguments and monuments in confidence the consequence when someone’s convincing you that you’re someone doesn’t contradict your whole life experience you hearing this but you could never be a lyricist
The volume is on the music in it? distortionary You bet you couldn’t read the dictionary. Had to call the military did in your dad ship you off to camp

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