battle 1

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come coast my vortex-formed black holed super-novas exploding death
openin doors to DAWs and gold grills jaws of men like george foreman,
hoaned as a rhinoceros‘ nose, thawed from the dystopian cold,
but cha of a plain field? cool, your head is chewed in a box like a few pussies and mary hogans skull.
now you are-beat, -m’-kay, get high from nuclear wars, chain-react or cores’ll melt down from design flaws,
or go hide rushed, I’m mad, this nigga’s sucky, in a fusion, you got no height roach nd you’re
bullshit tryna make men “ooh ah” as you web enough master structuring,
im tryna stand time’s test to make minds feel like omnipotent datas running,
a sonic witch-doctor god-headed monster harvesting the hearts from the carcass of dead prophets,
my cosmically-atomic thorn-nestled monolith words cuts to sharpen his brains on what loss is,
so love-eye your thing: a coke-high dream cracked and in the mangle he in - death warms ceased up pent kings. Oh, go pogo cause I got this war locked so you better abandon,
fiend nigs with failed-kill reads, ban shes, dicks, spanks is what you adore, say you nah corn but this g knee’d to me sent man now in a cue bust like balthazar with myrrh made for god’s son.
i create red dragging severed heads and harness sets set for dying dumbs.
the war met close with this son, move on-due hare feet, honest ends to well, fucked. so try to top tons, tut with your tied torn tongue.
so what happened was i reversed earth, then let eve open her trap to my one-eyed snake,
and god is also a woman cause yes, I conceived you all from sick sex, sects,
even if I resurrected oscar pistorius when he shot doors holed blowing up, I still couldn’t stop a peeping uncle tom,
im like chronos when I’m chopping you, cock, as cold as babies with tripods.

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