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I'm outside with my fam it was gettin dark we out there till
night we live by the park we look at the clock and it was 9
racin down the street maybe two or three times and yeah that street
long we just live in our life till a Nigga came along
he was singin this song then it got in my head somethin gon go wrong
I might end up dead then he look at me and I look at him
he look me in my eye then he said hi but I don't know why I was bout to
say bye yes somethin ain't right he kept touchin my back
then I had to move I said who you I knew he had a strap
he looked like he was on crack I looked at he crew and they look right
back Then they grab the keys said we had to leave but then he said wait
he had something to say he reached by his waist so then I took off
I heard it go off then it hit the car I'm like that's gon cost
tranna act like boss but deep down inside he know that he soft
then he shot again this time at my friend almost hit his hand
he looks like a rat he claimed he was rich but he got no bandz
then I turn around I'm yellin shoot back you like you got a whole strap
I heard the bullet hit the ground then they get they strap they start
shootin back now he all on the ground Nigga you a clown bro don't come
on my block or you gon get shot somebody a opp cuz they called the
cops we got in the whip then we had to dip I got in my house I had to sit
down thinkin whats about then I go outside I look up the street I see
lil t I'm walkin to him he walkin to me he like oh God here come the police
then once they pull up they get out the car and separate us Lil t lookin sus
they start asking me questions they still didn't learn a lesson bro I'm not a
rat so I told the cops I was mindin my business and that's that so they say
I know I'm a witness so just let it out was we downtown so I'm like no
what you talkin about so they goin around there knocking on doors
lookin for the crew so they get in they car they said they'd be back to be

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