Don't Care

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care much for the sum of riches
To be my friend you just ain't dumb or bitches
none of types who would go and dob to teachers
preachers of love I love, see how long my list is
glitches, separating pointing witches
the type who belong in ditches, tricksters,
predators who send requests following tags in pictures,
itches that they bare to share their shitness
I tried to be a friend and to hold your hand
point way, make you understand but damn...
thick headed dumbass, you will never be down
you the type of person I don't ever wanna around
Red flag...
Red flag...
what you said in my head just raised a
red flag...
so sad...
inconsiderate, brain dead, nothing but trouble
the answers lie without leading a lie,
so ya missing the meaning of life, right?
I can't seem to reach you, hell I have tried
but your moving opposite of Fibonacci to phi
We all humanbeings just here, here to survive
hopped with alcohol, drugs and more as vices
fucked in the club and my shades don’t hide it
met everyone right now the nights exciting
filtered out those who constrict the chest
left with the rest nothing yes but the best,
blessed to see actual magic manifest-ing and
coincidence to give suspense for what is next
The universe a garden so dig it dude
rip the weeds out complete with the twigs & the roots
toot your own horn if goes and honks to a tune
and the music you make will rid away bad fruit

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