Blood Curse

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[INTRO] Tupac Interview
I feel as though I'm cheated because
instead of me fulfilling my prophecy I have to start one
instead of me, you know, doing a good job of caring on a empire
I have to build one...and that's a hell of a job
[Verse 1]
Let me go back to the days when
we would struggle to hustle up money to rake in
some shit never made sense
like, why we still living in the basement
why we gotta live in frustration
why we gotta wait for a statement to lock us in
where the top begins
if I aint nothing to you dont stop me then
we was broke never had shit
but we made it work
I was oldest so I had to learn
that money was more like a powerful burden
I wasn't certain when I would see
my next meal our stomachs was hurting
I would believe that you had to wait for your blessings
but that wasn't working
so i...couldn't make any decisions
all I could ever do was admit it
that everyday was a prison
living in a life long sentence
if I didn't have it, I would get it by any means
I was in a dream, praying on my knees
for some better days
and my soul to keep
shall I die now, may I rest in peace
with the lord standing right in front of me
[Bridge] Martin Luther King Jr. Speech
a deep belief of your own dignity your own worth
and your own somebodiness.
don't allow anybody to make you feel that you are nobody
[Verse 2]
I been looking for peace in my pen for while
looking and seeking for something to smile for
but I see that can be something foul
leaving it to me ima preach to crowd
and speak what I think we should teach to a child
like how the police steady beating us down
and we bleed on the streets with our people around
we been going through hell in this shit
poverty kicking our ass so we airing the clip
on some arrogant shit
dammit we still live a life where our sanity barely exists
our humanity's stripped
away so get the pistol spray it
at each others brothers every fricking day
how we suppose to living a better life
if all children's siblings getting took away
look at how we all built today
we still stuck in the slums, no bills are paid
I think we just need a break from all the fucking hate we get
for tryna see the way and thats a fact
[Outro] Tupac Interview
it's gon' be too late you know what im saying
and then that's when you got to pay your own karma
and that's when got make you punis...when yo...
when God punishes you.
because I feel like, you know, there's too much money here.
I mean nobody should be hitting lotto for 36 Million
and we got people statving in the streets.
that is not idealistic that's just real. that is just stupid.
there's no way Micheal Jackson should have, or whoever Jackson
should have a million thousand druple billion dollars
and there's people starving. there's no way, there's no way

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