Cypher FAQ
When can I submit my entry?

When a cypher begins you have 30 days to submit a rap. It doesn't matter when you submit, as long as you submit before the deadline.

If I win how do I get paid?

You can get paid with PayPal or receive an gift card with the same monetary value.

How are winners chosen?

After submission period ends, judges review all entries and pick the finalists. RapPad members with 35+ reputation are eligible to cast only one vote on a finalist of their choice. The submission with the most votes will win.

Can I alter the beat?

You may add MINOR sound effects to the beat, but you may not change the tempo. However you can add drops and/or shorten the beat if you don't plan on using the entire track.

How long should my submission be?

At least 2 minutes, and at most the length of the beat. These are guidelines, not strict rules.