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Internal Rhyme Killa

  1. //EM 0:30
  3. Yeah, now here's the internal rhyme killer,
  4. when I serve your dinner betta say ''thank you Mr.'',
  5. 10 piece wing bucket off the market for this fatty,
  6. eatin' crappy patties that he carries in his panties,
  7. run along chum to your mum 'fore you're my next victim,
  8. don't like my criticism? My rhythm? Well that's your opinion,
  9. whoopty doo fuck you, you a tool, wanna battle rap?
  10. We'll settle a schedule, I'm into combat like Wes Moore,
  11. what's more? Rap hardcore like a simple chore,
  12. I'm knocking your door clutchin' four C4's, Ka boom!
  13. Now can I get an encore?
  14. I'm a mad maniac gettin' greenbacks, cram my 10K in a backpack,
  15. post a hashtag on snapchat. A killer? I am that matter of fact,
  16. hold up, where you goin'? Bring the camera back,
  17. wearin' rings, gotta spread my wings wit' elegance,
  18. I don't mind pessimists when they consist of idiots,
  19. hidin' secrets, time to call it a quits, I'm bustin' my balls,
  20. trapped by my thoughts like encircled by four walls,
  21. Feelin' like Edison when he failed ten thousand times,
  22. oftentimes I organize my messy desk 'fore I rest,
  23. rap's a contest where showin' good content makes you the best,
  24. I'm obsessed for perfection, obsessed to be mention,
  25. I's reflectin' my depression, my pain's worse than a C section,
  26. Y'all complainin', for the gold and fame I'm waiting,
  27. contemplatin' 'n' paintin' my idol inspirations,
  28. be like Pac or KDOT when they were hot on the spot,
  29. internal rhyme killa always writin', I'll send you screenshots,
  30. I'm especially deadly like impregnatin' Mary's belly,
  31. all jokes aside I'm bein' a silly billy; nowadays I'm picky,
  32. critics said I need to quit rap, I overcame them like Iggy,
  33. gotta alter my direct lyrics, like Lil Richie's ''Tutti Frutti'',
  34. My mind's a fried egg instead, I'm your nightmare like a debt,
  35. I'll kill you faster than catching cancer in your cigarette,
  36. consider that a threat when you lost my respect,
  37. it's toxic people like you I gotta disinfect, no disrespect.
  38. Get a tat on my back asap, see the logo of a Taurus,
  39. my mentor told me to control your bull, don't be stubborn,
  40. I ought to listen, heed criticism if it's genuine wisdom,
  41. be clear 'n' explicit; no euphemism,
  42. lookin' out for other's safety and rights, like unionism.




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