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And Hell Follows

  1. They released a monster by the name of Gojirra
  2. A god of death and yet a miracle, breath
  3. exploding everywhere like an Atomic bomb
  4. Fat Man Little Boy Breath the fallout gone
  5. I see demons in the sky, they look like
  6. Planes, B 29's Angels ready to flatten the stage
  7. But something has awoken deep beneath the cement lines
  8. it feeds off of radiation and is evil defined
  9. 9 heads of pure evil and a vicious lies
  10. Say hello to Ghidorah and Gravemind
  11. Master chief is dead and Godzilla is dread
  12. Let them fight or we'll all end up dead
  13. Creatures of legend rise and storm heaven
  14. come to earth and crack us like leaven
  15. A war ensues but we're stranded, where's kevin?
  16. Maybe i can seal the breach with an explosive cough
  17. swallow the fallout and burn them all
  18. come to think of it i had to many tarts
  19. oh god here it comes, i can feel a flame in my throat
  20. i think i killed bart, homer and the rest of the clan
  21. clean up on aisle five, it's hot damn
  22. I think i killed Kenny five times at least
  23. wait, is that? oh shit it's Keith
  24. he's being ripped apart by sentient trees
  25. they tore him apart crotch first it seems
  26. time to chop some wood, it'll be violent
  27. Blood covers my head as i swing till it's silent
  28. they're gone now, all is quiet
  29. I put on my headphones and zoned
  30. out to Stone Temple Pilots
  31. heard an explosion, looked up
  32. and attacked the Iron Giant
  33. summoned a mech and went to work
  34. shooting the rest while i murdered the herd
  35. with a Chainsaw it worked, bled them dry
  36. they twerked cause i had metal in their
  37. brains it made them jerk, beat them with a window
  38. no pain no gain, money all the same
  39. i have no name
  40. turned them to fertilizer and poisoned
  41. the well leading to my boss, a notorious miser
  42. who i'll surely see in hell a lot
  43. it landed in his coffee and also the toffees
  44. and turned the rest into zombies
  45. and sent some to New Jersey
  46. to soften or outright send to coffins
  47. we don't see it often
  48. So bullets ran out and we improvised with
  49. knives, they snapped so we used razor wire
  50. strewn throughout the aisle
  51. watch your step, here there be
  52. miles and miles of bloody body piles
  53. Not a day goes by without a kill
  54. so smile, you're on camera
  55. Snipers all around to kill ya
  56. enjoy the protection of my
  57. Keep
  58. Cross me and you'll be dog meat




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