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  1. Brain malfunction, cops been bustin, WCR been causin' alot of destruction
  2. Your lack of [Toosense](He's dope bruh check him out), makin you look like a nuisance
  3. Humans been shooting, the legdends included
  4. [West Coast Rappers](WCR) becomin' actors,[spinal cords twisted](part WCR line in collab) you be needin' a chiropractor
  5. We above standards,questions answered, prayin' to Jesus like [Ned Flanders](Simpsons Character)
  6. [Heroes get remembered but legends never die](Part of a quote by Babe Ruth), who am I, some punk ass kid who's gettin' high, been rappin' lyrics since 09',waitin' for my father to come back as the days go by
  7. but I know he made a sacrifice, arrested twice, took him 6 years to realize he wasn't in paradise
  8. Rollin' dope, slashin' throats, thinkin' life and death are just jokes
  9. Time for the dead to be resurrected
  10. Bring back the [legends](tupac, biggie,pun,easy e)
  11. Resurrected,the uncollected souls, of the men and women who weren't that old
  12. Life long story's have yet to be told,life is precious,like a pot of gold
  13. This place is a [dystopia](an non perfect place)




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