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  1. Unconditionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  2. Doesn't matter at all, through everything that you do
  3. I will always love you
  5. When others held their own heads high
  6. Left me on my own, feeling troubled and shy
  7. You picked me up, helped me learn to fly
  8. Built up my courage, gave me a reason to try
  9. Taught me to always reach for the sky
  10. Taught me that on you, I could always rely
  11. Stopped me from taking my life, I no longer wanted to die
  12. Not anymore was it just me, myself and I
  13. You taught me how to get by, answered my questions of why
  14. And you promised me that you'd never say goodbye
  15. What more could I ask for?
  16. For I had always adored you, wanted to explore
  17. You took me places I'd never even dreamed of before
  18. I'm no longer trapped behind a closed and locked door
  19. You and I are more
  20. I no longer feel like I am sore, nor am I tore
  21. Your love for me soaked in, all the way to my core
  23. Unconditionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  24. Love like this doesn't happen often, traditionally
  25. I don't care if we agree or if we disagree
  26. Because I'll always have you, and you'll always have me
  28. Everybody else just seems so caught up in their ways
  29. They try to tell me that what I'm feeling's nothing more than a phase
  30. Nowadays, it's like I'm stuck in a maze
  31. But I keep trying to play, to get myself through the haze
  32. Anytime that I worry I might not get out okay
  33. All I have to do is meet your gaze
  34. Listen to the kindness that you speak in every phrase
  35. I know that you'll be at my side, always
  36. The wounds that other's left on me, now just seem like a graze
  37. You helped me choose the right one, out of all the pathways
  38. Your praise, is what raised my spirit, made me amazed
  39. The very first time I met you, I felt caught in a daze
  40. And now we're together, and no one will ever take your place
  41. I'll be right at your side, no matter what problems we face
  42. As long as I'm wrapped in your warm and tender embrace
  43. There's no issue or challenge that I won't manage to ace
  45. Unconditionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  46. Being with you makes me feel like I've been set free
  47. You don't have to ask, you know I'm ready
  48. I'll give everything I have to you, and you'll give everything to me
  50. The darkness that I used to live in, had me fearing that I wouldn't make it out alive
  51. But you pulled me out of the night, and helped me realize
  52. That if I kept on living this way, I'd surely meet my demise
  53. I knew your words were wise, that was no surprise
  54. And to have you with me now, I feel like I've won first prize
  55. In this world where no one chooses to apologize
  56. You helped me distinguish through the lies
  57. Helped me to recognize, when the stakes were too high
  58. You taught me how to move on
  59. You held me in your arms, so loving and strong
  60. After a lifelong journey of doing things wrong
  61. I finally feel like I belong
  62. The darkness is gone, for you've drawn the curtains, you're the dawn
  63. You're the light that got me out of my head
  64. You said to me, you wanted to be together until the moment you're dead
  65. The tears that I shed are no longer full of dread, but instead
  66. Of everything that I've gained walking on the path you tread
  68. Unconditionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  69. You can't stop love, it just keeps growing, baby




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