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yung statesman

  1. yung statesman represent
  2. we gonna' rule 'dis sh*t
  3. cumin thru mysterious
  4. u jus' so curious
  5. knockin' tha' competition da' f*ck out
  6. 'dey delirious
  7. i'm so f*ckin' serious
  9. lil bird told me
  10. 'dis show is all cursory
  11. waitin' fo' life to open beyon'
  12. 'dese cell walls
  13. jus' codin' fo' tha' posterity
  14. givin' tha' youth a modicum o' clarity
  15. black an' white, 'dat's tha' severity
  17. watch me flaunt
  18. watch me taunt
  19. watch run tha' whole f*ckn' game
  20. 'dis much powa'
  21. it's f*ckn' insane
  22. launch codes
  23. secret in my meta data
  24. containment so necessary
  26. lyrical firestorm on tha' track
  27. it's wartime in tha' booth
  28. feelin' real hungry
  29. takin' a bite
  30. sinkin' tooth
  31. where are you
  32. u jus' waitin fo' tha' attack
  33. can't stop checkin' yo' inbox
  35. yea, i rip it up
  36. neva' gonna see tha' real champion cap
  37. let alone wear it
  38. 'dat's right
  39. target sittin' right here
  40. i swear it
  42. sixty four bars o' pressure
  43. each line washin' ova' u like a praya'
  44. it's tha' culture 'dat i dare
  45. to step up an' step in
  46. weigh in heavy
  47. eight thousand onda' track
  48. clearin' lanes
  49. puttin' u on tha' stack
  51. blaze 'dis roach
  52. eat 'dis roach
  53. b*tch
  54. i ain't a bug
  55. i'ma a real f*ckn' thug
  56. poppin' u wit' da' plug
  57. i kno u hate me
  58. u still wanna' hug?
  60. too hard in hea'
  61. neva' been mo' clear
  62. 'dis tha' muthaf*ckn' slaughta'




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