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Fuck you

  1. I bet your lines will be fucking wack
  2. you cant touch me when I'm a god on a track
  3. you crying "give me some slack"
  4. I'll break your back like a fucking Kit Kat
  5. When I'm flowing going off you're choking on cock
  6. making heat non stop your album drop
  7. was a flop listen to this beat know you
  8. going to be rocked bitch I'll remain on
  9. top got the drip like a mop your the bitch
  10. that says they make real hip hop
  11. lyrical miracle your so generic you probably in stock
  12. at a walmart selling skateboards that are knock offs
  13. wannabe tony hawk you only a dick
  14. one trick pony I own thid thing so your neck will be slit
  15. by my hits buy my shit flying kid up high thats me
  16. I'm the shit let me repeat I'm the the shit
  18. amogus




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