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How am i still alive

  1. How am I still alive?
  2. Thought of death more than a million times
  3. You ask if I’m alright
  4. I reply with “yes, I’m fine.”
  5. But it's always a lie
  6. I cut myself again last night
  7. Say to myself, “this is the last time”
  8. But it’s always a lie
  9. You see my scars
  10. You ask what could leave such a mark
  11. “I got scratched and messed with the wound too much” I reply
  12. I reply but it’s a lie It’s always a lie
  13. When I’m alone, I cry
  14. Oh, I wanna die
  15. No, I’m not alright
  16. All these words are just lies
  17. Cut myself again last night
  18. Oh, I know it’s not the last time
  19. And when morning comes I’ll pretend I’m alright
  20. You still can’t see through my lies
  21. no i don't do much damage
  22. no, it doesn't hurt
  23. line after line
  24. and a grave in the dirt
  25. no i don't hate my life
  26. well maybe sometimes
  27. depression's a curse
  28. no that's not a lie
  29. no i don't want attention
  30. could you just go away?
  31. i can feel the tension
  32. and i'm starting to fade
  33. I've felt only sadness all my life
  34. I play the violin so I don't feel the strife
  35. Its wooden veneer hides my pain
  36. And the bow glides across the violins' vein
  37. Such a beautiful sound it emanates
  38. The light glistens and the string radiates
  39. I pack my violin and try to act plain
  40. But my feelings flood my head and make me insane
  41. I can't contain these feelings within my mind
  42. They're too powerful and loud to be confined
  43. I try to get these emotions out through my violin
  44. But the bow is a knife and the instrument, my skin




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