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Love And Loss

  1. loved not once but twice
  2. And both times it ended badly
  3. Both times paid the price
  4. And the story ends sadly
  5. was young and untested
  6. life was full of pain
  7. thought she was infested
  8. By depression’s deadly rain
  9. met a beautiful guy
  10. His darkness matched mine own
  11. To me he was a pearl
  12. And for once I wasn’t alone
  13. I loved him with all his heart
  14. And I knew i had to tell him
  15. But i had to split them apart
  16. And he left me in a blur
  17. my family was a mess
  18. And away i had to fly
  19. Even though i loved him
  20. I didn’t get to say goodbye
  21. He tried to keep in contact
  22. And he was willing to wait
  23. But I couldn’t love him back
  24. And our friendship turned to hate
  25. felt broken and bruised,
  26. The love of my life was gone
  27. I knew that I'd been used,
  28. And I was once again pain’s paw
  29. I couldn’t take it anymore
  30. So I started to cut
  31. I'd lay crying on the floor
  32. Hoping my heart would shut.
  33. I decided I was done,
  34. and I almost took my life.
  35. I'd swiped myself a gun,
  36. And I brought my knife
  37. I had the gun to my head
  38. And a slice across my wrist
  39. I wanted to be dead
  40. But then there was a twist
  41. I loved not once but twice
  42. And both times it ended badly
  43. Both times I paid the price
  44. And my story ends sadly.




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