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  1. Start (0:16)
  2. Flaco
  3. I know what you went through
  4. To me the shit is an issue
  5. And thats just the truth
  6. I know how it feels to get abused
  7. Mentally, physically, sexually all of that shit
  9. What you're doing is walking away and acting like the shit never happened
  10. It should be hard to trust
  11. My life is crushed
  12. Yours should be too
  14. I know what you went through
  15. Btw im someone you can rely on
  16. When I think about the shit i just got to stay calm
  17. She deadass acting like a moron
  18. You should tell her to read psalms, jk
  19. Cuz she lowkey bout to see my palm
  20. Im bout to set off a bomb
  22. "Hello" say my fist
  23. Cuz let me tell you, I can get lit
  24. So sit your ass down before...
  26. Shit gets real
  27. This shit is unreal
  28. Im gon be the shark and you gon be my meal
  29. Im not playing Im being for real
  31. Listen, Flaco
  32. I know you love her
  33. But you would never forget
  34. When she threw you across that bed
  35. No matter how hard you try to forget
  36. You never will
  38. Tbh you should be scared
  39. When I heard of this shit I was unprepared
  40. I listened cuz i cared
  41. I know you want everything to be repaired
  43. Let me tell you
  44. Nigga Im scared
  45. Cuz I could compare
  46. If I see her in the streets somewhere
  47. Theres gonna be a problem
  48. Or maybe imma start from the bottom
  49. Or maybe I will hit her one time
  50. Or I'll just kill her with my rhymes
  52. But, as we all know I got time for fights
  53. Bitch really killed my vibes
  55. Watch imma have her begging
  56. Cuz imma whoop that ass
  57. Oh i got an idea
  58. Maybe I should throw her in the trash
  59. Where she belongs
  60. What are your thoughts
  61. Is this false
  63. I dont think so
  64. Bitch is nothin but a hoe
  66. And the fact she didn't like you had rican in your blood
  67. What the fuck
  68. Bitch is stuck
  69. That left her with no luck
  70. Cuz little do she know she messing with a thug
  71. Bitch is deadass on drugs
  72. Bitch ain't nothin but a bum
  74. Look flaco you're welcome
  75. Cuz when I look at you i know you're numb
  76. Just remember I got you
  77. And cant nobody hurt you




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