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2 am freestyle

  1. I'm a walk n absurdity. /
  2. I'll prolly end up n purgatry. /
  3. 4 commit n purgery, and burglery. /
  4. Along w murder n the 1st degree. /
  5. Cuz I ran up n a hospital, /
  6. kidnapped a new born out the nursery, /
  7. sliced 3 nurse's throat's that had just came from surgery, /
  8. that tried 2 stop me by hurt n me, /
  9. then smeared their blood on the wall's, /
  10. and painted the nursery burgundy. /
  11. Cuz I'm certainly a walk n absurdity, /
  12. and currently I'm hide n out sum where n Germany. //Some said "The music's Fly!" ,some told me I was basic/
  13. /Some said "Shoot for the SKY!" ,some told me I'll never make it/
  14. back to the basics don’t be famous I’ll be nameless
  15. mistake this for brainless
  16. lyrics i aim this murder no traces
  17. I got a fucked that’s Configuration no consideration
  18. of murder that’s obliteration of a bottom behind Barz like it’s prison
  19. this abomination
  20. configuration no consideration of murder
  21. I’ll bomb a nation wit the case
  22. and Incarceration them utilization of the rhymes
  23. do you know this notice the closest position in the organization
  24. you’ve been at the station urbanization
  25. This accumulation of cash the formulation of it
  26. when I stack it up can you 5 10 15 20 25 30 get the money
  27. though throw it Inna in the furnace just earn this
  28. Ernest with these bars
  29. is in these burns that is due this I do the lose it
  30. wit the a third of the music murder in this
  31. I’m chasing him and Jason mask a classic
  32. with my enemies face attached to a pole like folding a voting catch a bitch down to a toe ring
  33. wit a semi racist flag Inna rapist chat wit a face mask in case the mass
  34. get infiltrated illuminated I can’t be replicated
  35. I’m too dedicated i’m designated to blow any second yuh




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