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  1. Worship me or I make plagues come tendency pregnancy discrepancy expectancy discrepancy Bitch I'll say if you ain't moved today move out my way This bitch is dependable on me incredible regrettable respectable and expectable delectable it is detectable I find some skill I find that less often though Spit flow sick one of the dope is allGo to choker I choke her Fealin the rope burn Contagious flow is outrageous advantageous ostentatious Better come taste this Don’t know what the name is don’t believe it better conceive it for evil Knievel you She was bogus better focus get a bonus notice I’ll leave the notes on this I get some hostages no promises provinces my compliments in Romulus marvelous shits like mosquitoes but I let off some torpedoes through all your windows yeah I got you bitch at Pollock voting down with toe ring Enough with the gloating This frustration the illustration the constitution and the devastation the presentation of my reputation is got a little Hesitation the record to inhalation insulation stimulation stipulation I need a simulation I need a little concentration discombobulation suffocation I need a notification and mobilization can’t tell if I’m dead or alive I will keep checking my vitals not on my side though good thoughts in my rivals living life like I don’t even know what is happening when I am wrapping it just is the way it is Rivals these arrivals down to hell with a couple of rifles hey Case hey to all the officers the vultures and cultures that hit down all the youngsters and throw them in dumpsters The humility killing me the innovation the hallucination the humiliation the regulation the re filiation with the mafia before they could get probably the other reason communication excommunication adjudication hallucination you want me on a mutilation before they could ever get me the in manipulators The indicators and regulators doesn’t need up you need to calculators The escalators in legislators The better me before I ever become a celebrity The best of me destiny temporarily does Providence threeprosperity prosperity get the clarity Anyone ever come mention me saying I wasn’t doing it cleverly the expertly Anyone ever come finessing me you can never finish my legacy this is some jealousy these bitches trying to get a pregnancy I am a menace be The day I die before they could ever say I was one of the greatest it was famous one of the bravest artists like the honest are there ever be a harness back before I could ever be honest and I’m harder on myself than you could ever be regardless and I’m heartless and subconscious but the shit that I can’t push could never be matched sorry if you fucking overreact I made it impact I snapped and smacked a couple of bitches that came in the way with the end of the day this is the way that it works when you’re up in the industry I have been patiently waiting it is a frustrating call Caucasians asians in evolution nations the book presentation the solutions in conversations and have a loose nations and have a ton of guns at the station the expectations for the information the Temptations live in our society the sobriety




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