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Bad freestyle

  1. I killed a beat exceptionally I do a congressional he didn’t like the way I was rapping the professional A murder of these verses in beats with the first second and third degree apart them in the infirmary like it was Germany in 1933 when they were still slavery nothing to say to me bitch I’ve ADHD but I bleed is hip hop and I making believe it Maneval slices veins out out there how does that feel OK LOOK IN MY EYES see the lies penultimate see the lies penalize me and accumulate the pen in the ink Bad Meets Evil what attracts people is the demons beneath let me breathe I have the tendencies get the best of me destiny the bonding so you better make fun of me for ever come inside size slice your neck I need evacuating so frustrating this cocky Caucasians is so frustrating he’s rocky rotation they got me in rock ‘n’ roll stations I do not got the my patience I’m a doctor but I don’t got no patients you talk about me and you better face it




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