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  • I hear you talkin' shit, bro you think you're the heat
  • Please bow down to defeat you're barely mince meat
  • Stop with the street talk, and start to do the street, walk
  • Lock yourself in and tell me this, how you gonna battle with this sick shit that I spit bitch
  • See you still flappin' your jaws, prepare to be thrown in the ocean
  • In the middle with jaws
  • Or prefer to be served and severed with claws, knock on the doors Of absolute death you may
  • But please be ready for the automatic failures you may make
  • So take this and wait for another dismembering, remembering
  • The tethering of your dream and how it was minced to pieces
  • Believe in yourself please, to save you now you'll be needin'
  • Help from Jesus
  • You think I'm copy, pastin' please, tell me how you're actin' up
  • Better be quite or I'ma bout to bitch smack your mouth shut
  • For good, yeah man talk the hood talk better go back and walk the hood walk you ain't had the taste of a real G
  • Get back down to your level and prepare to be beat
  • Writin' on your sheet, like you're deep please bitch your weak
  • You ain't on my level or a level at all, take a vacation
  • Up the damn wall and fall
  • Humpty Dumpty, I must be rusty but you better knock the shit Down if you goin' against me
  • I'm hard to beat, you're hardly cheese compared to these beats And this emcee
  • You ready, alright, so come on down, I bet you to do it
  • Let's see if you got the balls or if you're just truant
  • To me, yeah let's keep an eye, on your ass as the heat intensifies
  • Talk to me in a smart tone, prepare to meet your demise
  • Throw you, a hundred million miles is what I'm finna do
  • Call me Son Goku
  • I already told you, what I'm gonna do, finna plow through
  • Yeah man try to tackle a topic more intense then mine
  • I always rap from the heart, make the fake rappers sigh
  • But I really really don't give at all a flying fuck
  • My chance of making this shit is the same as seein' a flyin' truck
  • Or it could all depend on some serious luck
  • Maybe I'll release a track that is heard my millions
  • Make it big and to the top and make billions
  • But that's a dream for another day, I'm here to take you down
  • Don't care what you say
  • Freestylin' this rap shit to the grave
  • Rap battlin' bitches in my spare time for loose change
  • Please, all of you fake ass rappers are plan
  • Make like like a plane and take the next trip away
  • Far away, from here I don't need to here your shit anymore
  • I'm tired of it now, next place to be, will be a fuckin' morgue
  • But let me just let you all know this, I'm sick of it, all of it
  • So listen next time I write another track
  • Listen to the facts I spit, and find it through my old wack rap crap
  • I know I've said some shit, that know I demise
  • But just look at my own and, your own life
  • But this time, through my eyes
  • I got a couple little bitches that need a little call out
  • But I'll reside, got more and more, don't get me wrong
  • Now get the fuck back home and call your mom
  • Continue to rap please, just leave me alone
  • I'm done hearing wack disses like this
  • I'm sick of this, listening to this petty as shit
  • Bitch


  • get good

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