Battles  John-Michael_Hogan vs Violet_


BYOB Round 1 1:30 Time limit Good luck brotha

Max of 62 lines


John-Michael_Hogan won this battle!


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  • 1:30
  • Violet.
  • Jan 15th
  • I said, hold it down/ I guess this time, psycho handed me
  • A body that’s actually worth the challenge/ but nonetheless,
  • By the time I’m done, I’ll be sippin violets blood outta judas’s
  • Chalice/ I’ll beat this emcee Azure and violet, cuz I’m violent
  • With the malice/ I drink emcees blood for strength and cuz
  • It’s just fine on the palate/
  • Not gonna lie, your bars pretty fresh/ still, I gotta kill you,
  • I guess the cat’s outta the bag, I’ll put this pussy in a
  • Hospital bed/
  • I see one of your new songs is a written to a Dax beat/
  • Good choose for a whack ass rapper to rap to the whack
  • Ass rap beat/ I got all these little munchkins comin for my knees/
  • Your like an elevator with the cord snapped, you ain’t on the
  • Same level as me/ so imma raise the bar/
  • They say JM was good back in his old days/ maybe I should
  • Go back to my old ways/ cuz even in old age, I can still take
  • Aim/ violets the violent example to the new meaning of being scatter
  • Brained/
  • Which one you want? Buck shot or buck knife/ don’t buck
  • Your chest in this battle, you better run for your life or get your
  • Jugular sliced/
  • I hope to god you don’t do the generic shit where you rap
  • About the weight I’ve hit or the hillbilly Cuzzin fuckin
  • Bars that I spit/ I’m runnin this shit, metaphorically, you see/
  • Cuz I can’t run, I’m fat, but that don’t mean, that you can
  • Morbidly torture me/ I eat emcees for lunch and things, so
  • That’s why they say I’m morbidly obese/
  • Cuz I’m more or less a beast/
  • You got a 75 Percent win rate/ actually, violet, I think that’s
  • Pretty dope/ I can give credit where it’s due, but in this
  • Battle you ain’t gettin votes/ you was dead the second that
  • You signed up and it already shows/ so one more pussy
  • On my record and it’s just another murder she wrote/
  • And by the way, let me just remind folks who wrote the
  • Book on how to rap battle, check the blog section, cuz that’s
  • What violet used to study how to hit me ha ha
  • Peace


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  • Let me text Psycho and ask who you are again?
  • Aw, you're a redneck country boy who's tryna mutilate my pen, right.
  • Say you got your gun drawn, now let me colour it in.
  • There's no connection with you winning and spittin'
  • You just here for the attention.
  • Now little boy, let me ask you a question.
  • How you gonna mention a weapon with the intention to kill like a papercut covered with lemon?
  • Now little boy, let me ask you another.
  • How the fuck you gonna cum in your mother, have a son and a brother that looks like a melted clay sculpture?
  • Right, I'll take away your greatest days, turn the times table like I'm adding again.
  • But when I split you in half, there won't be a fraction, no point weigh 10.
  • You look high on pot, but to be honest, that ain't news.
  • Let me rearrange the letters, change the subject like I'm finding the hypotenuse.
  • Be there or be square.. wow.. you look like 25
  • I got the power of a hundred like a googol, now you go and find time
  • To practice your vocals, don't whisper so close to the mic.
  • Before I go to your kitchen and take away all your 3.1415s.
  • You're trying so hard to get the lacerations for the congratulations.
  • Psycho, don't give this guy the dollar.. or you'll find his needles outta place like syncopation.
  • You hidden your bars... but what for?
  • You got me in a stickier situation than seeing your sock drawer.
  • You hate losing, but sometimes it can be positive.
  • You could be dropping those exes instead of rocking the spliff.
  • Get the upside down W, but make sure it's flipped otherwise it's for women.
  • But you'd probably like that since you walk into a bar and instead of looking at strippers, you go "Woah! Men!
  • You smoked one joint and think you're too cool and care-free.
  • Come down like withdrawal before I lay 5-6 mags in you, 7 days a week.
  • I ain't losing to this guy who bangs 9 year olds who he thinks look a 10.
  • You won one battle in the past year, I scored a double dozen since I'm intelligent!
  • You need to get ripped and strong.
  • Those tits don't go with that shlong.
  • I'll keep fucking with this bitch as long
  • As he plays his banjo in his shit ass songs.

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