Battles  Abyssal_Soularis vs Violet_


PsychoPuppet and Soularis .VS. DRnova and Violet. Let's get it!

Max of 42 lines


Abyssal_Soularis won this battle!


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  • //Soularis
  • You still rocking With that wack A.I? its easy on the eyes to see you aint got no pride in your vocal life
  • Every nigga that has crossed me has gotten crucified so call me the rapping anti-christ. You vote begging bitch you wish you could beat notdead like i have him on my victim list
  • Posting on all the walls where you were sucking dick, pleading for sympathy and pity clicks, Using your AI cause you dont want us to hear your pussy lips when all you spit is menstrual shit
  • We all know you rub your massive tits when thinking of violets dick like when it hit you in the face looking for his clit
  • You bent over and said "dont be a prick 😏🥴🤤😉🥺" head ass with your emoji cringe and violet said "Consider this your Prostate exam Doc I'm harley red but today im off my hormone meds😉"
  • my momma said never hit a woman, well that may change tonight when she sees how vile is vi when he's on that estrogen high, he gets real bitchy and asks to suck on DR Nova's Titties
  • What the fuck was that shit you wrote? wasnt even close to making me have a fatal overdose but ill give you that lethal injection with a needle on a garden hose
  • Now i can say im spitting venom thats code for high but like a Boa i am a gun stricter around the game with a hold so tight
  • With a flow so big i feel like a sewage pipe cuz i just funnel all the shit you say into the abyss of wasted time. Like Em I'll be neutralizing ya ass like i was giving you a memory wipe
  • Im a lyrical rhetorical capital K Killa with literal prehistorical X-Ray Filler making you feelin it fillin you up with some filament doing my due diligence
  • Ill be harvesting ghosts and feeding on those whose name are colors within the rainbow. And ill saving those who are middle aged and still talk to kids, ew so gross and calls bitches kittens on a post to make them my slaves
  • Your like an acute angle cause you is one right L from being a cute Angel and dont worry ill make it extremely painful, have you wishing you were faithful
  • But here Vi ill be your psychiatrist, how does it feel to be in a family of druggies? when you ended up just as fucked up and ugly? I can tell mommy shot up while you were still in her tummy
  • Im starting to think mommy only got pregnant so that she could have that labor reducing morphine just to get another high saying "Doc can you please inject it in my thighs? make it so that i roll back my eyes? I'll take any needle of any size!"
  • Then DRNova said "Ma'am any more of that and you'll die! besides im really into your little guy, Perhaps you can save him for me until he is grown up and i talk like im 55 trying to be hip and cool with the modern times?"
  • yea thats right DrNova so old he was there when Vi was given light and ever since then he has simped for this fag's life, back to the therapy
  • Vi i see why you are so angry, It's cause your brother abandoned you when he took that MDMA trying to escape his bitchy sister of a brother but like i said ill assure that you will see him soon
  • Or maybe It's cause your dad hates you; a sorry excuse of a son I mean how could you blame 'em? All he wanted was his young boys to grow into great men and now one is dead and the other still plays pretend
  • You could never make your father happy cause all he wanted was a happy family and maybe some grandbabies but now his bloodline has come to a finality and it ends with a druggie and a fucking tranny, you disgrace your fathers name
  • //PsychoPuppet
  • Spit a mean verse but our pens the nicest, but just y’all wait for when we knife em
  • Lemme spell it out for ya: watch shit get violent when we put an end/N to Violet
  • Leave the Dr hooked up to his own test tubes, catch a coffin from these hands but fuck a “Bless you!”
  • Then we get to exposin Violet true colors, I’m sorry it’s just that what we read blew
  • Dislodge ya spine from ya neck, I barely even wrote and I ain’t right in the head
  • Just too psycho I guess, cause I arose out the blue and now a Violet is red!
  • This Harley Quinn wannabe saw what a joker Nova was and start kickin it with him
  • While he constantly relyin on Eminem’s voice, homie ya chances are literally Slim
  • This a whole body but let’s face it, this AI gimmick ain’t goin very fuckin far
  • I mean what kinda Nova ain’t never really blown up and become a star?
  • If you gotta rely on alts to win what exactly are ya accomplishments?
  • Here’s a note for the dr: those bars ain’t what I would be call in sick
  • I’m just chillin in the cut that mean I’m cold-blooded with the razor blade
  • You use emojis in everything and still ain’t even savin face 😂
  • I still remember you singin my praises, talkin bout “Yo you my idol!”
  • I ain’t hatin and this ain’t Haitian, don’t think DR even borderline Psycho
  • PerryOdic’s schedulin gave y’all an uphill battle but we BOTH ain’t ever rest till y’all can rest in peace
  • Get stomped out and toe tagged if you wanna step to me, how Dr and Viol/vial ain’t got no chemistry?
  • Can’t battle live so it’s only right y’all die today, I’m talkin bones dead, broke, that’s the price you pay
  • We advancin to round 2 right away, cause when you combine Soul with Puppet murder becomes Child’s Play


  • // Violet
  • I go psycho with busters, brains splattered all over the walls like messy toddlers.
  • I ain't letting a few cock-gobblers steal the show with the steel they show being made of play doh and hobnobs.
  • I write lines until they're outta space, call it a solar wrist. I'm infectious with the words I pick, call it a molar cyst.
  • Soul needing a whole assist fo' the shit, using Psycho to achieve his life-long goals, that's it
  • You sent the battle to Nova, exposed before we responded for the show. You then sent me the battle blind, like Eddie P while he poured vodka shots in his eyes like woah.
  • So many mags hammered into you, looking like you spilled a bowl of cheerios now cheerio, I'mma grab the phone so you can hear my flow.
  • Got a ghostwriter to fill the lid with the shit you spittin' but you ain't winning with the similar shit that you both be scribbling.
  • You got psycho to carry you like you a kid that fell asleep on the ride home. Me and Nova ain't communists but it's not my show, it's our show.
  • Our flow get us the win, our blows let us prevent these arseholes from the win while we far throw this event.
  • I'll have you heartbroke there and then, make you grab coke and snort that until your arse nose is half bone.
  • I don't give a fuck if I offend you, it ain't even a dark joke. Have you facing the sky like you doing a backstroke.
  • Both of these youths clearly don't want the dank smoke, for you to win, you know you really gotta act broke.
  • Bat you 4-5 pitches like fa sol then roll you up with sourdough, leave you for an hour so you can't come back, can't crawl.
  • Soul, you need to know while you eat your toast and beat your hoes, me and Nova be flipping your flows, Psycho won't keep you bro.
  • While I mention psycho, you aight though. But I turn you whiter than vitiligo while you take the high blows like you sucked a dick while on nitro.
  • What you might know is you're walking on a very thin tightrope and while the hype grows, I'll demolish you like I'm munching an Icestone's!
  • You be smoking the charlie while I got the clips. I create horror with the shotty and those jeans are too tight on them hips.
  • Yes, I just made a fat joke. Yes I sound like a daft bloke. You'll go green with envy, looking like Kermit as you sip tea but that's none of my business though.
  • Get your back slashed like I'm tryna find a path, you can scream all you like but at least you won't clap back.
  • Start ripping the cigs and hitting the gym, quit the junk food. Have chicken shit instead of that Mexican shit that just runs through.
  • // DrNova
  • Puppet Shit just Admit you shamed of Flopping cause ain't no one gonna play or cop it Unless you do a Collaboration with Batman and everyone knows that I’m that Man Bitch boy your only shine you will ever get will be a about as entertaining as Robin Because my barz gets many heads Bobbing on my Throbbing and Humongous 18 inch Ai
  • Remember I’m a Bad guy that’s Why my Ai is bigger then Yours and I often play with my Ai behind close Doors
  • Call me Doctor fucher cause I’m blasting a big O load ontop of what you hold so Dearly Because a lot people fear Me and just Know if I Explode all your trash talk is gonna kill your wet dreams Completely of being Anything in the future of the rap Scene,
  • Basically nothing but a brain buster Puppet that falling apart from the Seams from a Dirty ass Doll
  • But a puppet will never Fall unless we cut All strings attached to your Wack Ass Watch out for my Triple AI He can cum Fast with Force Because my Triple AI is bigger then a Horse and my Triple AI at least has had some Intercourse.
  • Unlike Yours you Psycho Dick with a small Triple AI
  • You probably won’t be ever fucking Shit so your never gonna wave virginity Goodbye
  • So I’m done that’s Why I need to talk a few barz about this other Guy in this battle..
  • I know this deep sea bottom dweller named Abyssal
  • Who lives in a glass house made out of Crystal
  • Meth money that was supposed to Be
  • A fist full pleasures like when you finger a Pussy
  • But it’s hard to find the Clitoris
  • just like it’s hard to find Soularis
  • even spitting out any kind of Juices
  • You should really ask Kay to tie 2 Nooses that will help stop wackiness that he Reproduces
  • Look out for what Violet Introduces will destroy your comment bar Excuses
  • I’m in and out like 2 pussy smelling fingers like Deuces ✌️

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