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  • wassup lil kid?
  • you looking like a roblox noob
  • yea i am talking trash
  • wtf you goin goin do?
  • you really named yo self lil kid?
  • you probably watching movies like the ice age
  • and you prolly got a crush on what that sloth name?
  • oh yea was his name sid?
  • you better watch yo mouth
  • you only on sites like these just to get some clout
  • try and come back at me boy
  • and i will walk yo ass down
  • and since you a lil kid i send you ass to a three-ring circus
  • and if wanna get the money then yo gonna have to work for it
  • you only a lil kid with not one ring
  • but im lil kid the slump king
  • you cannot even put in the work
  • and im throwing cash at yo bitch while for me she twerk
  • clothes are a mess
  • and you not even done with yo homework
  • you say you believe in red thats a lie
  • boy better tell the truth
  • whelp now we know you really backin the blue


  • lemme do my thing-thing
  • multiply this lil hoe thing
  • feeling like i got everything
  • keep bringing it i'm listening
  • hunting you down ya im stinging
  • keep dissing cause i'm winning
  • whipping shit like its a dislike
  • i take a hike on the bright side
  • on the inside it's like a homicide
  • you get fried if shit ain't provided
  • hoe just be quiet take a dip in the whip
  • extendo clip ya i got the drip
  • just like a relationship i keep a tight grip
  • strip the hoe like its ghetto mode
  • slowed down so i could reload
  • im rhyming i'm always grinding ya i be smiling
  • my shit shining that bad bitch biting
  • nigga came out from hiding now he really driving
  • get struck by these bars like lightning see a young king rising
  • yesterday i slayed today i'm just getting paid
  • i'm a real hustler i'm smooth like butter yo bitch from the gutters
  • ya i know my numbers sad you dont know your colors
  • speak on my name and i pop shit
  • bought a plane ticket now a bitch cocky
  • shoot you in the head like a fucking zombie

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