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Not a rude rap about someone Include some Horror

Max of 64 lines


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  • //Intro 0:00 0:10//
  • Jumpscare Freak
  • Run your legs out
  • //Verse 0:15 0:21//
  • There's this Freak Scaring Me
  • I feel Like im Being Jumpscared
  • Nothing to do its keeps on following
  • Guess i have to run my legs Out
  • //Chorus 0:25 0:37
  • This Freak Is Following Me
  • Popping Up In front of me Jumpscaring me
  • This Freak Ugly Red Eyes
  • i Wish i had a weapon to defeat you
  • //Verse 2 0:50 0:56//
  • Me thinking I've escaped it
  • While i see its red Eyes Glowing In the dark
  • Me Finding a gun Trying to Shoot it
  • I keep on missing as its coming Closer
  • //Chorus 1:05 1:15//
  • This Freak Is Following Me
  • Popping Up In front of me Jumpscaring me
  • This Freak Ugly Red Eyes
  • I wish i had a chance to get a shot of you
  • //Verse 3 1:22 1:30
  • I managed to get a shot of the Monster
  • He fell on the ground all dead and no sound
  • i saw Him Bleeding out as the police was coming
  • The police took me back Home and they were confronting to the President


  • //verse 1//
  • been getting my glories from Heaven been showering my punches on the eleven
  • my state of mind likes to travel it ain't a matter of too much marvel
  • my victims are just like ravens who gets punches from me that r made up of gravel
  • yeah! thats right, i like it more than stabbin yeah! they fallin, like angels fallen from Heaven
  • i'm not schemin, henchmen, please do the illusion i am not so pathetic on my intention
  • i make my confession just like makin my decision
  • might make confusion,but i didn't come here for complete digestion
  • i'm not a slave for fashion, we came here for money
  • so we close the deal, take the money and spendthrift the money hard and lavish
  • on my own direction, we close here we never meet, cause we want no attraction
  • with cops who ain't like coppin with us we ain't got no option, singing like i been on the trashing
  • smashing walls and bashing cars dashing from me in my heart
  • singing like i am stupid and crashing drifting through the dunes, i am filled with fumes
  • the single tubes, mad and bad got embarassed in front of my dad
  • so killed him next day, by stabbing but all he told at the death point was
  • "kill all who hate you, rise"
  • //verse 2//
  • yeah! you stay there, no makin no conclusion its confusing, i make no completion
  • we just like it pending, i don't like depending i like being independent, giving my freedom
  • hoping into be a star of a millenium
  • eh! now u stop u r not the top, if u don't like to cope
  • being a thief, i better call the cops , nobody give my raps a prop
  • and they telling immma flop, if they fucking only knew what is a rap
  • i lack purity, i am filled with impurity, or profanity i will burn my fury
  • i will be a leader better than Nick Fury, i am not going to be a contributory
  • but i like flowing in my tributary of money, punching everyone down
  • stealing everyone's jewels and towns, bankrupting everything, kidnapping everyone
  • throwing them into my gulags, where i sell them and take my claps
  • from the money i make, look! its just easy as a piece of cake
  • cause i ascend in money, heaven is money, god gives me money
  • and i will be running, till everyone feel its not funny........
  • //verse 3//
  • i feel the taste of my power, killing everyone by slicing them in my hover
  • burning every houses down, i am the leader
  • new hitler, only difference is, i show no pity for Germans
  • they r filled with germs and nothing for women, taking every child, and makin them orphans
  • taking my gun and shooting them to 10s and, 1,2,3,4,5 shot everyone alive
  • they try, but they cannot hide from me, then i see them collide but they we separate from me
  • preoccupied, paralysed, blind and they cannot see
  • satisfied, i drank my cocktail and my brandy
  • and i gloried on my tales
  • i didn't count my fails
  • instead, i checked on how much i tried
  • all my victims lied
  • nothing was on their side, they were to be died, byed
  • cuz, i am the real power
  • i am a supervillain, i am a superhero,, i am a superhuman
  • i am the real power, ascending in me in glory
  • descending in me, and i could open and see......
  • //outro//
  • there's no discussin, only execution
  • no fusion, only treason and crime
  • no ambition, only nation
  • no treasure, only measure death
  • no pleasure or privelage, think what i do
  • only pressure, texture, letter
  • freshen up, u have to die today......
  • feel my ascend and my descend

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