Battles  LACINYC vs J_W


2v2, except my partner died from corona, may the best man win, 20 lines, give it your all

Max of 30 lines


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  • ill leave you with a leaky top if u dont wanna chose to bucket
  • badguydanny be sneaking shots cause his 22's not public
  • fuck it ill leave you stumbling, the bars in sight
  • you retards can try, but you'll be downed tryna start a fight
  • 4 4's on your winning rate, sorry we hate to fuck it up
  • full force, we be renegades, come around i'll skip yall like double dutch
  • luckily theres a line limit, or bad guy could go on for like 9 minutes
  • with 5 disses, while SCR slash J_W's sitting there with his eyes twitching
  • like what time is it, just waiting for danny to finally say im finished
  • so fuck laughter from high critics, its the punch master and im winning
  • thought it was over, but the guns not in its holster
  • thought u were bolder, u aint carrying alot on your shoulders
  • J_W, motherfucker, who let this little kid into this site
  • asked amir hes quieter than this kid spitting writtens into his mic
  • 1st round, couple of nusaince children thinking they super villains
  • in the mood for killing spewing venom, got some big shoes to fill in
  • its fucking easy, battling these twinkies, filler's all they really are
  • you think you hitting hard, motherfucker, i land when i send a bar
  • so im fucking taking J's W, and leaving him bent with an L
  • and as for his partner, i've barred him, so send him to jail


  • Why is this battle pointless? I got a few hunches, cause Lacynic laces his written's with rhymes, but no punches
  • An assault on the eyes, It's cute when you're charged up like a battery, buttell it to the judges
  • I don't want hear how Electro just ducked and left without any buzzes
  • The Win you want so desperately is behind bars, but don't hold any grudges
  • I'll cop this win, but maybe you'll get off clean with some winks and nudges
  • There's no way the judges wouldn't fall for RapPad's great Dutchess
  • Now brace your shit as I race through this with the blazing speed of, uh... Asian kid/ After he got a B, that's a bit racist, but honestly, who's reading this?/ I'm gonna be the best, no one's stopping me, I'm gonna reassess my own monarchy/ Someone better repossess this man A.S.A.P, he's trying to befriend a cat in a tree. you know what give it a rest, just leave him be, that'll be his only friend in the penitentiary

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