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20-25 Lines (Cut Down from 30) No Rules

Max of 25 lines


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  • His Name maybe Cain But I got the Ability to make em an Abel Body
  • My Lines Crunch Minds When I pull up Im Carnage Embodied
  • I'd tell you bye 'cept In Rude Boyz you must be Dead Weight
  • Woah To keep it Straight Its like Pallbearers an Caskets Nah Wait
  • Thats a Dead Lift See the Words Relate A body bag is yo fate
  • Ya Bars lack Weight its like sayin "Look At these Gains" With No Poundage
  • You lack shock or power thats an Outage
  • In this battle yo the baby shark Imma Megalodon
  • A star beyond light A Solar Eclipse So you know Megalo Dawned
  • That was probably beyond your Comprehension
  • Dog your Road Ends Here a Dead End Like half your Fuckin Bars
  • My Bars teach call this Rap Seminars
  • As Follows The Real Cain Even if you were Supportive No one wantsCane
  • Your Dyin Not from old age but from Alzhiemers in yo Brain
  • Off the Chain Your Walkin Dead You cant Run Shit When you a Walker
  • At your Doorfront Hear Iron like a Door Knocker
  • I keep the Combination Of bars like Keepin flat steel in a High School Locker
  • A True battle Mc My The saurus Leaves you on your Rone
  • I see the Flow Style Bitten Another Em Clone No Wonder ya Unknown
  • Imitate yo flow real Quick
  • I keep Shit Solid Like an Airplanes Sewage Brick / Im Fluent In Sick
  • Its Basic 2 Syllable Seein Red Call me Trevor You still couldnt see ya bull
  • Even In a Flock of Sheep Im Unique Wit Steel Wool A Wolf In Guileful


  • Well here’s another corpse, call the coroner, I got this one in the bag/
  • Your like that fat wack bitch in 8 mile yellin “ da sheltah” before you rap/
  • You want battle rap? 35 losses got it lookin like Imma hitman,
  • You just holla, crap/ did I just cross a line? Or did that line just
  • Cross over yo back?/
  • Man, you a fake, I see through you like a hologram/
  • Damn, yo profile pic got me wonderin, are you a man?/
  • I’ll put you in a crypt, cuz you raise yo hand, cuz you a Stan/
  • This the first round, I’ll make sure it’s also the last/
  • This faggot just got mugged votes, Mugshotz, takin shots
  • To the dome and a dick to the throat/still stuck in the old days,
  • Reppin MMM like you a goat/ bitch, yo glory days are gone,
  • You ditched money made, cuz you made the pussy, but she would
  • Not stay/ You wanna body up? Bitch, I’ll make you KIA/
  • I go harder than Viagra dicks/ if you think you can win mugz,
  • You must be jerkin Keanu reeves, still stuck up in the matrix/
  • My minds more twisted than chick fille serving gay chicks/
  • I’m dangerous and sick in the head/ Ill choke you to death and
  • Then go get the bitch who left you for dead/ put both your bodies Naked
  • In a bed/ Take a selfie of us while holdin her up by her head/
  • Your like stiff bowels, all gassed up, you ain’t shit/
  • I’ll make like a waiter and serve a bitch/
  • I’m silencing the lambs, Eaton rappers alive like Hannibal/
  • Fuck wid the bull you get the horns, Im an animal/

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