Battles  M-Savage vs Weeabo


Let’s settle this beef, no lyric stealing, and after this battle no spamming Catylix’s Walls.

Max of 33 lines


M-Savage won this battle!


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Battle on January 13 2020


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  • (0:23) Oh shit, it’s the fake crip, who thought he was slick
  • Who went to “borrow” a diss, and got shown, by Catylix
  • That when, Frat, proved the lyrics wasn’t his!
  • Now obviously you’re afraid to admit it
  • Recently you raced, to my page, saying
  • “Hey M-Savage” that shit was photoshopped
  • Bitch your a theft! Those lyrics were something you robbed!
  • Now I need to salvage the damage, people grab ur cameras
  • bc I’m going off like Robo-Cop!
  • Listen! You ain’t a crip! Changed your name, bc someone told you about it
  • How do you have this vision, that you’ll be a street villain
  • Walking with a rhythm, to go and kill his next victim?
  • Bitch! Listen! That shit will get you thrown in a prison
  • You’ll be on your own, for freedom you’ll be wishing,
  • the outside world you’ll be missing
  • You’ll call me on the phone, saying you should’ve listened
  • I’ll say “Bitch you shoulda stayed a way from crippin”
  • Now we get it, you might’ve not stolen that verse
  • But the fact is, the battle was DeQued
  • And ur tryna play an Uno Reverse...
  • Now your reputation just suffered a fatality
  • Several days in, you stole lyrics, and dramatically, started asking me
  • If with a screenshot, I did something special, and took it to a level,
  • where you tried attacking and lying about my personality
  • I didn’t photoshop shit
  • That’s just plain facts
  • You could think of anything to spit
  • So you got off RapPad and went online looked for some “free” raps.
  • Now I’m gonna end it here , bc your my guest
  • I only went 10 percent, and I left u dead on ur deathbed


  • You saying I’m ANNOYING
  • The caytylix you shouldn’t be JOINING
  • Your trash ass hell that’s what I’m POINTING
  • The catylix you should be AVOIDING
  • Hospital you need to be APPOINTING
  • Roast you hotter then The Death VALLEY
  • Roast you so bad your family FLEE
  • Your the worst of the worst that’s what I SEE
  • Can’t win properly cause you a PUSSY
  • You surely are the ROOKIE
  • Whoop you ass harder then ASIANS
  • You know the Catylix have EXPECTATIONS
  • Tryna beat me, be PATIENT
  • When I spit bars in the GREATEST
  • Having to cheat the catylix must be PISSED
  • So bad, your about to be DEFEATED
  • By a 12 kid that didn’t CHEATED
  • Thinking you smart your CONCEITED
  • Defeated by a kid that was HEATED
  • Your wounds that won’t be TREATED
  • Still think you better, your quite RECKLESS
  • These bars of mine that will be ENDLESS
  • Your about to be HELPLESS
  • Thinking you the best, your CARELESS
  • Wait whaT your saying your JEALOUS
  • Cause I was not RESTLESS
  • 7 more bars your DEAD
  • Weeabo that will be in the INTERNET
  • Rumors will SPREAD
  • Weakest of the bunch, you’ll be BEHEAD
  • Going agasint me, you must’ve REGRET
  • Looking at your forehead is full of SWEAT
  • Your mindset must be DEAD

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