Battles  Surrealism vs Essennel


No swearing (with the exception of the word hell) Nothing NSFW, no threats I'm also completely new to this and thought it would be fun lol

Max of 18 lines


Essennel won this battle!


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  • This is my first time so go easy on me
  • But imma straight take you down
  • Ruin you
  • You're history
  • I'm a newbie but it's my duty to defeat
  • Your bars may flow but mine swipe feet
  • You're gonna fall right down like a decoy
  • Just another useless toy
  • I hope you that you enjoy the pain
  • Because to me you are all the same
  • One goal in mind
  • The same as mine
  • The only difference is
  • I will achieve a place in someone's shrine
  • Holy as hell I'm quite defined
  • So just keep that in mind
  • And someday you may just find the truth
  • That I'm better than you


  • Wassup newbie, your bars are pretty hot, but battling me right outta the gate, you can't think you'll come out on top
  • This game is mine, and the only way you'll be in a shrine, is as a human sacrifice
  • They call me white rice, but I rap like Obbie Trice, I'm not nice, cold as ice
  • Been through some crap, but I pushed through, that way I could be here to battle you
  • And I'll give respect cause you are new, but before battling you should get a crew
  • As good as mine, I got the most loyal JuicyJobaJaba standing by my side, but my other brother died
  • So I cry, but on the inside, wishing I would die, kiss this life a goodbye
  • So thanks for not being shy, and stepping right into this game o rhymes
  • I'll catch you on the flip side, so I guess I'll see ya next time

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