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No swearing (with the exception of the word hell) Nothing NSFW, no threats I'm also completely new to this and thought it would be fun lol

Max of 18 lines


Essennel won this battle!


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  • This is my first time so go easy on me
  • But imma straight take you down
  • Ruin you
  • You're history
  • I'm a newbie but it's my duty to defeat
  • Your bars may flow but mine swipe feet
  • You're gonna fall right down like a decoy
  • Just another useless toy
  • I hope you that you enjoy the pain
  • Because to me you are all the same
  • One goal in mind
  • The same as mine
  • The only difference is
  • I will achieve a place in someone's shrine
  • Holy as hell I'm quite defined
  • So just keep that in mind
  • And someday you may just find the truth
  • That I'm better than you

Still waiting for Essennel to respond.

Make sure you let Essennel know you challenged them. A defender reserves the right to delete a battle directed at them.

If the rules are not followed or the lyrics are stolen/reused please report this battle >

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