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Use any diss, doesn't matter if the diss isnt aimed at me. (welp lmao)

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Battle on April 7 2019


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  • // Verse
  • So Little Collin sat in the lap of his dad,
  • Asking his dad if rapping is bad,
  • His dad explained in a bit of a tone, "It's bad sonny, don't go within the flow."
  • He always remembered that, after a couple of years, he wants to diss me,
  • But his skills are like his porn art- it's just two walking titties
  • So he wants to make a no wordplay album all to hit me,
  • But it didn't got Gold and Silver because everyone thinks he's talking shitty,
  • Now his three dick-sucking NWA loyal fans arrived, and yelled at the crowd who booed his face,
  • Cicada Jack Wallace and one I don't wanna mention because I don't wanna get my nuisance raped
  • Still his album was shown, and it was total shit,
  • People still rated it a good ol' 5 because they don't wanna end up in a hobo flick (AHH)
  • So in the awards stage, he was given the mic, he tunes it a bit,
  • He's done with the fights, he finally approaches the stage, gives the bird to the "lunatic" kids,
  • "I love my 4 fans, I love them all, but what I have to say to the rest is fuck em balls!"
  • Soon he offended the entire crowd and starts to get loose on this kid,
  • He walked back home with stitches all over his face,
  • He doesn't understand why the people hate a guy that's open to hate,
  • And his retarded mother asked "did you won the prize?"
  • He pointed to his stitches and said "Virtual the faggot got the prize,"
  • o now I got 5 on my tail, I'm not letting them suck my dick,
  • Or I can make them cry and then bail, or even cut the strings
  • So now dick-sucking group is gone,
  • Collin realizes you can loose a lot,
  • If you piss someone off, so he sits back, muddled with D's
  • He started remember why he wants to be fucking with me,
  • So he decided to keep fucking with me until he got revenge,
  • Kids, this is what happens when your dick-sucking Canibus NWA fan got four shots in chest,
  • And decides to be a talking chick to stop a dick,
  • Oh wait, somebody needs help! "There are 6 fucking walking sticks!"


  • A militant is born your crying over drizzles while I’m living in the storm,
  • I’ll smack you until your face is imprinted in my palms,
  • In misery I spawned here to stick you like a thorn,
  • Distorting telecoms the higher echelon commanding from the pentagon,
  • Im taking flight your face is color purple when I’m stepping on,
  • I’m like macgyver all I need is a paperclip and gum to start Inventing bombs,
  • This vet is strong I’m overseas getting head in nam,
  • Setting off the temp alarms overclocked my brain to set it off,
  • I pack a butter knife that can sever cars,
  • Lyricism swarms word’s are like blinding fleets of locusts,
  • Your speech is hopeless I had a dream of you bleeding choking,
  • Leave you breathless when I start sucking out your hemoglobin,
  • A hundred cameras pointed at you couldn’t keep you focused,

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