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  • Mr Lucius went latin tryin to find his light
  • Ah Right this rounds a Catch 22 you cant win this Fight
  • Ah now heres the moons Light We're going intergalactic tryin to read an Alien Manuscript
  • After that Now im going Diabolic with this latin Script
  • Im here to hora morti des This battles a gordian Knot ....Shit what a Mess
  • I guess this Snowballs melting in hell But sir do you need common sense?
  • The crowd is Tense the Bell tolls for Lucius i guess you Have your head in the clouds
  • The Doppler shows a Storm for your airborn castle Looks like you saw my ill now ya under tha weather
  • I Don't Gein Nothin' But im still Killin' an skinnin' ya like im makin Bone Trophies an human leather
  • Im putting down An X down for Treasure when you found these gold bars but you triggered tha trap now ya gettin shot
  • We're in Heated Kombat but you Die Mortal See Johnny's Caged and left ta rot
  • See what ya got left is A Nerd Prince But With a Three second Count I'll Duke Ya You've been slapped now the Gauntlets down
  • I'll have you Surrounded but there aint no sound Like a Blown out Speaker I guess i'll take your bars Weighed like a Pound
  • An Raise em up like a Deadlift an have em Dropped down
  • You lost the light you got Tunnel Vision Ah heres the Mission Some Glasses
  • But they empty he's lacking shots Like a Quarterback he's missed his fair share of passes
  • You can call this shit shocking cause im supplying the highest wattage
  • Holdin ya down like a Hostage but this shit aint sexual Bondage We hit the No Ledge
  • I see like a frog ya gonna croak Your hearts overheatin' and its Startin to smoke
  • But your gonna die with my last line Like Len Bias Doin Coke


  • Another blind battle, you didn't learn from the last guy?
  • Back on the saddle, returned to smother this wack fly.
  • I'll say goodbye in advance before you collapse and die.
  • Paradoxx, I don't rock with fags I bet he rides a pair of cocks.
  • Already got the double X, lemme give you this L, X X L.
  • Call me Microsoft, my words give my points power, all I do is excel.
  • Coward, you'll catch this heat, spread your carcass on this sheet.
  • I'm the factor ending this chapter, you'll reap dismay and defeat.
  • I'll splatter the grey matter of this gay wannabe Mad Hatter.
  • I lather cadavers of wack rappers in Tabasco, check my last foe.
  • I control the current flow like an AC Adapter, watch him scurry and scatter.
  • You're not worthy, if you're wordy, I play dirty.
  • I'll spray 30 in your jersey like Todd Gurley.
  • Vision's blurry, I'm bloodthirsty, no mercy, you better flee in a hurry.
  • You don't wanna be in this flurry, eternal murder spree, verbal demo derby.
  • Won't be much of a journey, jump to reach me, you'll have injured knees.
  • Bitch please, this was a breeze, strangle you with fleece, dangle you from trees.
  • Fact is, you don't wanna tangle with me, I'm not to be tested.
  • Dumb ho's acting cool calm collected, this fool's getting dissected.
  • Mutombo with the block, cuz your shit's getting rejected.

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