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  • Heheh, Doc, I need the meds, 'cause I'm Ill Not Sick,
  • simple, cop needs his vest, 'cause I got-a kill-jock switch,
  • take a "Who Shot Ya" drop it with a Killshot twist,
  • I get it, you lookin' for ya father, your mom should've took pills not dicks.
  • Before you bring it up, I ain't no "Ro-Rapper", and you're no Mathers,
  • I ain't come from RapPad either, in both I'm dosed actors,
  • not from SoundCloud or YouTube, so take those factors,
  • and do what you do, diss me on what you know matters.
  • Don't make sense, a monoxide child,
  • not on me that the all the Docs' fall out,
  • what you done dropped all mild,
  • I say one thing, leave you fake Pac's all riled.
  • You talk a lot a shit, but then you bolt and leave,
  • you got a lot of wins, but then you don't believe,
  • that they don't mean shit, what most conceive,
  • nothin but a sour mean bitch, blessins' you won't receive.
  • Drop Rocky in a battle like I'm Rakim, got me thinkin that I'm boxed in,
  • but you can't beat someone you ain't box with, you're addicted to pain, get off my rock-dick,
  • stay away from my medication, don't trust this Doc's tips,
  • keep cryin that I'm not shit, but you ain't got "clips",
  • You Should've Known bitch, like my name was Hopsin.
  • Rack it up to 1-9-9-1, like I'm doin Damage,
  • I'll help you take an L doc, if you don't find one, battle rap ain't a new-canvas.
  • Heard about that robbery and ya poverty, now you think you're great, here to clobber me,
  • I'm goin soft, it's not defeat, to the stair-way to shit-storms you bought a seat,
  • honestly, oddities, Odysseus with history like the Odyssey,
  • do what you do with some respect and some modesty,
  • family-provider? Dad walked on ya, so, I guess you gotta be,
  • remindin rappers what happens when they've forgotten me.
  • "World War" hasn't happened since before the day you born,
  • people died for your freedom to be payin' for porn,
  • consideration, somethin' they haven't gave any-more,
  • you get people trustin' you, then stab away to the core,
  • forget who brought 'em up when they run-away to perform.
  • Say "Fuck the Police" but then scream when you need 'em,
  • too bad Doc wasn't in they vid, so they can cuff 'em up and beat 'em,
  • shut 'em up and leave 'em and make 'em wish he'd never seen them,
  • you made a diss on me, then deletes it, no need for a line if nobody know the meanin…


  • Riot don't try it, fat kid wants beef, completely abandoned his diet /
  • I'm bringing Vikings with lightning, Riots scared cuz its frightening/
  • Talking about a soldier when he's not even older than me when I'm sober/
  • Been fucking hoes over since he was a loner in his baby stroller/
  • Pushing the weight there's no need to debate your fate/
  • Battle Condeos? No thanks already ate, you were the fish, biting into the bait/
  • Stepping into this battle the way I dismantle these rascals/
  • It's like Rambo putting a load of grenades on top of a jackal/
  • Explore the gore as it all hits the door then the floor/
  • Have his family screaming NO More! By then his head will be replacing the hammer of Thor/
  • I'm a flamethrower with a range rover busting out an extinguisher/
  • Mister pen game sinister carrying a magnum' like a phantom ready to bury this villager/
  • Im the hottest doctor you'll need to be Nurse Riot to prosper/
  • Introduction was proper, you still getting drilled with facts/fax your printers getting clobbered/
  • Fuck a World War this a cold War cuz my m4's split these whores/
  • Mr Jurassic World unlocking metaphors paste the source got you hiding in between drawers /
  • Lil fag wants to be Mav thinking he'll flourish the complexity/
  • Reality drops enemies like a pedigree, it was my destiny to break your tendencies flexibly/
  • I'm too dope to know who the fuck was this unknown /
  • His whole flow is the same shit he said on my profile post though /
  • In that battle between Condeos and you, it was hard to choose/
  • He supports animal cruelty, so I guess when he beat you, it counted as animal abuse /
  • Im smoking six cigs you haven't been shit since your last gig /
  • Nothing but a roblox Pig, rolling with tricks who used to search for roblox dick/
  • You weren't apart of this business hes dotted on the hit list/
  • You and your friend are like Tyler Perry, cuz you're only funny when you're dressed like a bitch, kid /
  • This guys a walking casket couldn't last in rap with a head wrapped in plastic/
  • Weren't sure if you were being sarcastic when you said you had talent/
  • I laughed at the thought of the day of you beating the doc/
  • Every time you step on the mic, it sounds like you're chewing on a cock/
  • My pen game lays out and sprays out disastrous chokeholds/
  • Toxic waste tape near your liver, ima killer' that rips out them vocals/
  • I'm managing to dismantle assholes who are challenging/
  • Has the ball to step up, but got caught for traveling/
  • You cant fuck with this menace I baffle genders like a sexist/
  • After I leave you neckless' put a shiny new grill near your necklace at the dentist/
  • Deadly mercenary, fucked your mom back when strip clubs costed a penny/
  • Very deadly, far from ordinary, pussy hairy injected silicone like she was fucking with Kardashians heavy/
  • Bunch of bad acting, traded his Builders Clubs for some compassion/
  • His companions blasted him from captain, stranded him on a rap site, that's where they've planted him/
  • It's always fire in the booth, just like a cavity tooth I'm spilling the truth/
  • Cannot dispute, I'm battling a stubborn dude, so fire leave em melting like baby Ruth/
  • I never said I was Mathers, at best you're a mediocre rapper/
  • So much shit in your mouth, you'd think he'll spit on his daddy after/
  • I'm smoking so much that my surroundings arent as loud/
  • Knock his ass out with a kill shot twist, ask him how the Cloud Sounds/
  • Tons of Coke money to spend, never lend this sped/
  • Talks about cop hatred, but he's the FIRST ONE TO CALL THEM/
  • Dont hop on my cock prick, standing tall with his goofy profile pic/
  • Now we know what your old name did, K.O.S means Kid Overdosed, SHIT!/
  • Ya' mommy was a pill popper how'd you figure she met the doctor? /
  • Told me she couldn't abort this monster, placed her on life support, damn near shocked her/
  • It ain't a Shocker when I bomb like a Goblin dropping in'/
  • Sidekick with his Sides-Kicked-In guess his new name is Captain Coffiin/
  • Fake King Of The South needs to close his mouth about a bout he can't get clout/
  • Blast his writtens out the park like Trout, bust open his head let the air out /
  • I just diminished his village, this shit was a scrimmage/
  • Thought he would win when his whole image is playing cards with his gimmicks/
  • Make up your fucking mind, quit talking on both of accounts all the damn time/
  • I'm a bomb that's timed, writing rhymes trying to make sense of this lyrical crime/
  • Well Riot, you can't be Venom, Spiderman and Carnage/
  • Tarnish your carcass, you were the target, to be at the top first you gotta be starving/
  • I can't comprehend, I win arguments, you bring shit that's past tense while your dad did coke, those lines didn't make sense/

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