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  • I heard bout that shitty diss you calling your shot sounded like it was done after a pill pop
  • oh wait I’m sorry my mistake thought it was good Except the words were fake
  • Now I happen to like you and the raps you’ve wrote
  • so don’t take this shit personal bro it’s note to note
  • I’m here to make earthquakes
  • my lyrics cut so deep callem word
  • blades
  • So don’t hold shame bitch you just picked a fight main frame
  • got the attention of the main mayne
  • Ive got that God status make hits so hard
  • You seeing stars through the stratus
  • This is the Midnight train you on
  • headed for pain reaching for fame Gave all in your veins
  • Fueled your attack now your stupid ass rap ready for blast
  • Ya flows so wack your dome gets crack fucking with the mack
  • Looks like the QB just got sacked
  • now if your really legit then I bet you get this quick
  • If you want to talk smack Best bring your A - Game
  • Cause the shit you wrote was fucking lame and lazy
  • your so fucking bad at upstaging bitch
  • Now all that talk about how your the greatest means nothing if you can’t defend on the spot
  • Like a book I just tore your pages after having a look
  • You show boat all you got but you ain’t shit if you ain’t shit on the street
  • now if you recall before you went to rehab
  • that’s where all the rappers compete battle and win or like you meet up with defeat
  • But hey youve chosen to do battle with Me and that’s cool
  • I respect but damn you got to get better bro I laughed so hard I’m dead
  • as far as me using your name I won’t shame you or blame you
  • you’ve started the plight No You boast your a rap expert And say you a pro
  • If that’s the case then that makes me a rap king
  • the keenness with seamless flow
  • I eat shitty raps to feed my infection Don't know what that means
  • Let me teach you the lesson
  • Havoc is my method it's nothing to mess with
  • my flows is so fluid its leavin you breathless
  • I bet this isn't the first time you been fucked
  • My lyrics so quick I connect before you can duck
  • Now My image has never been mistaken for anything less than the greatest
  • I was put in the ring to make hits You Bob and we've
  • Then I connect wit ya jaw and break it
  • Your daddy taught you to be a bitch so you lay down and take it
  • This isn't a battle it's a crime scene someone get this bitch a rape kit
  • You just got fucked lyrically again as I sprayed it
  • Your mouth wide open so you could Taste it
  • that's sick and outrageous
  • Defeat is your sweat treat and you crave it
  • I'm fluid in my lyric movements
  • you've got to learn how to use it how to choose don't abuse or confuse it
  • I don't give a fuck about your two cents you gotta walk if the shoe fits
  • Now you got me crazy Ima lose it
  • That spit was so bad
  • The crowd hear you boo hooin
  • remembering the old not the new shit
  • Get a clue bitch
  • you fumble on each verse you Paul bart it, false start it
  • The future is waiting for the cold hearted to be departed
  • There's no a reset for the reject so you better show me some respect
  • Every shot you fire at me I deflect
  • Got you pissing your self as you bead sweat
  • Just because you losing this battle don't have the regret
  • Remember what the beat said
  • Pay the reaper with your soul call it a reap debt
  • You never gonna win because failure is your preset


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  • Sometimes I feel like nobody really knows me/
  • you ever felt alone while surrounded by company/
  • even I, have had enough of me/
  • jus wanna disappear from here if only/ I could get out of my head for a moment/
  • but I'm anchored, stuck, can't break free from the bullshit that's been dropped on me/
  • bills steadily pilin up, kids to feed/
  • wife is constantly in a state of agony/
  • some days the weed don't even relieve the stress that I'm constantly under but I tell myself everybody got problems and they find ways solve em or do the best they can none the less/
  • jus gotta slow down collect yourself/
  • take a second, reflect/
  • jus take breath
  • I never run from a challenge but I fail sometimes/
  • but I log it to memory and learn from my, short comings and I will try, try, try, until I do and y'all it's no lie/
  • that I fail alot but still I will fight, claw and climb, thru will or spite/
  • I'm not one to jus accept defeat, no matter how bad shit look or seems/
  • either we have or haven't been thru worse, either way one thing is certain tomorrow will bring/
  • another day full of all new problems, people to deal with, tasks to accomplish/
  • I'm jus tryin to figure out all of this nonsense honest to God I feel I'm fallin/
  • or maybe I'm stallin slowly dissolvin/
  • all of these problems how do we resolve em/
  • My momma once told me don't let the things that's out of your control stress you out and get you down/
  • break you down/
  • jus handle your buisness shit'll work itself out/
  • But I swear a lil bump in pay would go a long way/
  • or so you would think that'd be the case/
  • But more often then not it aint funds steadily find ways to slip out the bank/
  • next thang you know your even more tanked then you were then when you were broke/
  • like a cruel joke/
  • more debt than you can keep track of and a fucked credit score/
  • try recoverin from that shit and that only feels like it's out of your control/
  • but the truth of it is it aint/
  • put it into perspective and thank/ shit could be alot worse or it cant/ But it is what it is better take a breather before it's to late/

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