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Battle on April 3 2017


  • Spitting on the mic, and I ain't even reading my lyrics
  • I'm spitting some flame bitch and some lit shit
  • Fuck The Critics
  • I'm Horrorcore, that ain't a genre bitch
  • I'm The God Father of Hardcore Rap, you better get it bitch
  • I'm gon' smack your ass if you disrespect, you bitch
  • Don't be lacking, you bitch
  • Cause' we ain't play that shit
  • I'll turn your dick into a vagina, now you a trans little bitch
  • Need to switch up your sounds, you flow's trash
  • Fuck getting rich
  • I'm getting success out of my lyricism, and you getting stitch
  • Actually stitches, cause' my rhymes give a beat down
  • When you mess with Murky, you get fucked up
  • See how?
  • If I expose too much of The Government, I'll be another rapper dead
  • Killed by The New World Order, for what I shouldn't have said
  • I'll admit my mouth keeps running, and going day and night
  • But get off these niggas cocks, and get a one of your own
  • Cause' that shit wrong, not right
  • Your bitch blush in front of me and giggle, as she get red
  • Hyped and Excited like when White People Get Head
  • The hoe like ''Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah'' but she don't know sex
  • All day ditching her parents, as she stick to replying to texts
  • That's your girl right there, and that's a gal that I'ma steal
  • Biting on your ear like you was Holyfield
  • But I am The Real Deal
  • This convicted rape like Mike Tyson
  • So I'll leave it over here
  • Cause' as men you learn to let shit go and stop fighting
  • I'm finished with you, mother fucker get lost
  • You was influenced by my Rap Game, I was the cause
  • Gonna bang bitches tonight, hook me whoopsy
  • I'm taking out Rookie Nookie's
  • What do you want?
  • A Cookie Pussy?
  • That's only if you can get it, but right your hoe eating my dick
  • I was titty fucking her body, and I ate up her clit
  • Spitting bars but it's like I'm behind them, as convict
  • I could kill you through a rap battle, but I'll avoid conflict
  • For my own good


  • Calls himself "Maniac", but has no negative psychological past
  • Only dumb enough to stick a hydrogen bomb up his ass
  • These words could off him faster than a katana causin' a gash
  • Verbs sickenin' enough to cause his blood and vomit to splash
  • The bitch is squeamish, easily creeped by the sight of my penis
  • No time to be lenient, best believe he's peepin' Mydas the genius
  • Quick to fiend for a diss and ALREADY it seems he's finally beaten
  • Shit, but wait, there's more, OHHH......better watch for the semen
  • Another "Maniac" to murk with the truth by takin' action, cuz that's worse
  • Still in your youth, can't even use the computer without askin' first
  • Claims to be tough in the street, but fuckin' with me will get your ass hurt
  • Smack-dab to the curb with a curve, surely givin' your ass the work
  • Mackin' on a 19 year old? Nigga, you got 6 more years to go
  • Don't worry nigga, at this rate, there is no more tears to hold-
  • Back, matter of fact, interrupt and cut your shit-lyrics off like a criss-cross
  • Don't trip on me if you get pissed off, bitch, I'm quick to rip those lips off
  • If he get's robbed, he's the type to resort to havin' the 12' tipped off
  • Then get clipped for by a red/blue nigga in L.A., no Chris Bosh
  • This kid's soft, fragile, and just like glass, breaks at a certain angle
  • Oughta twist this bitch off now, grab a rope to strangle and hang him
  • But I'mma let this go a lil' longer, over-conquer his mental health
  • Spit provocatively until his only option is to slit himself
  • "Maniac" is too afraid to act, afraid to get his face slapped
  • With the same hand I used against beefin' niggas from way back
  • On my rap-religion flow shit, since you're secular, you wouldn't know shit
  • Coast to Coast shit while you rap like a fiend overdosin' on pills and potions
  • Throw a fit at me like a 10 year old bitch and get your fuckin' throat slit
  • Movin' at a fast motion with truths openly posted, and I ain't on no "GOAT" shit
  • My dick is the only hard shit lookin' up to me so get from in front of me
  • Or end up under me, gettin' a taste of my utterly disgustin' pee
  • Fucked with me and ended up with a brain injury, now his title is complete
  • Just left his ass mentally scarred like a survived victim of Ted Bundy.

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