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Reddit Cypher 22

May, 16 2013 • Written by Clay

  • Why do I rap I'm ask for an internet question
  • Honestly I don't know but here's my digression
  • Like I reckon for fun and fucks I give none
  • Put my pen to the page for emotions to be sung.
  • I don't do it for daps or dude that's dopes
  • I'm just sharing all my dreams and my hopes
  • And writing schemes and notes on what to write next
  • I don't know so I just flow with the text
  • Practicing my typographical ability
  • My flow is lexicographical if you're feelin me
  • I'm new at this shit so my meter is mediocre
  • And the scheme of my rhyme makes me seem like a joker
  • But these lyrics are for me and not for the riches
  • That's why I spill them for free and i get no bitches
  • With some practice maybe one day I will get paid
  • I'll keep trying at this and perfecting my trade

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